Who Inspires You?

Some individuals inspire millions through their life’s work. We can be inspired by artists, leaders, actors, authors, scientists, geniuses and athletes. Anyone who challenges the limits of human capacity can capture our attention and evoke wonderment in our imagination. They make us feel that the possibilities are endless, that the limits we have put upon ourselves can also be surmounted.

If you admire something in another, look for ways to be more of that yourself. The ego tells us, They’re a better human being than I am, but the voice of the heart whispers, You can be that. That is your greatness.

I admire people from all walks of life. Nelson Mandela, whose acceptance of reality helped him find internal freedom even in imprisonment. Michelle Bachelet, the president of Chile, who is a humanitarian before she is a politician, and whose commitment to the welfare of her people has weathered public disdain to garner her the highest approval ratings for a president in the last 20 years; like a mother, warm but firm, who knows her children will thank her later for insisting on doing the right thing. I admire Osho, whose relentless upheaval of the constraints and rigidity of a culture based in fear made him infamous in life and revered in death, and Mother Teresa, whose compassionate service spoke a language beyond the barriers of religion and touched the hearts of so many.
My grandmother was also a great source of inspiration in my life. Her courage and unconditional acceptance helped me trust myself and my ability. Today, I am inspired by all those who work to elevate the consciousness of humanity, and have the fortune of living and working with a group of individuals dedicated to exactly that.

Who inspires you in your life? And why? Let those heroes not be just an ideal that you look up to, but a reminder of your own potential. You don’t need to commit extraordinary feats to live an extraordinary life, and you don’t need to have the eyes of the world upon your actions to make them valuable. That value is set by you, through your own passion, your own commitment to growth and evolution as an individual. Let’s use our heroes to be more. To walk towards those ideals we admire so much.

Who are your heroes? Maybe some of the people I have mentioned, or maybe somebody else. What have they taught you about yourself and your own potential? I’d love to hear about it in the section for comments below.

Isha Judd is an internationally renowned spiritual teacher and author; her latest book and movie, Why Walk When You Can Fly? explain her system for self-love and the expansion of consciousness. Learn more at www.whywalkwhenyoucanfly.com.


Karen Marion
Karen Marion8 years ago

I am the most inspired by my children, who have grown up and who now have families of their own, they are good people..and loving parents, they are both working toward building a better life for themselves..yet still loving their mother out loud...this is good....i did ok by them...

Tanik Tri R
Tanik T8 years ago

Oprah Winfrey, Mother Theresa, Albert Einstein, poor people who work so hard for buying foods, nice people who post great articles & give good comments on care2.com... will continue if I forgot somebody...:D

Gillian Miller
Gillian M8 years ago

I find inspiration in many people but animals also do. Their kindness and patience in spite of ill treatment is phenominal.

Christine B.
Lynn C8 years ago

I am inspired by so many ordinary people I know, that have overcome lifes obstacles or are living with a disability... another who cares for a brother with downs syndrome, since her mother passed away... the list goes on and on... these people make me realize that no matter what comes at you as a person, you can overcome... it's a matter of believing you can do all things with God's help... =)

Kimberley R K.
Kimberley R K8 years ago

God inspires me with the beauty of this beautiful world of ours...also I find Deepak Chopra and the Dalai Lama a great inspiration just reading and listening to their wonderful words of wisdom.

April Theberge
April Theberge8 years ago

My mother has always been my inspiration and my best friend who passed away was always supportive I think that she still inspires me to this day.

Sean K.
Sean K8 years ago

Nicely put Mary B., Hows this, lets thank both, The individual responsible for the gratitude and God (Life) for allowing it to be possible. You see, it really takes both to actually function purposely, its when we don't listen that we create things that are well, not-functional. Or in other words, the way we have it.

Mary B.
Mary B8 years ago

I am inspired by, and truely apprecitive of all the ordinary people who get up everyday in all kinds of weather and get the gears of the culture in motion. They open the cafes and gas stations,change shifts at the hosptals and police dept.Some plow the snow off the streets and highways so others can get to work. Some are called, day or night to find and fix broken electric and phone lines. Some are farmers arising before dawn to tend their animals. So many people contribute to the well being of all, and way too many of them are underpaid, and/or unapreciated.No one is 'independent', no matter how much money they make. The next time something good happens to or for you, instead of thanking God or The Universe, consider thanking your fellow humans. They are the hands and feet of god and the universe.

Sean K.
Sean K8 years ago

I believe if we all look in the mirror more often, you would notice and see that inspiration has always been looking at you for it. How else to inspire others without first being inspired with yourself.

Carol H.
Past Member 8 years ago

The only person who really inspired me was my mother because she went through so much to raise us all without skipping a beat and she had to take care of my father 24/7 because of a stroke and take care of four (4) girls and had a full time job and never did we do without so she is the one that I look up to and will always be that way and that is a fact.