Why All the Floods?

Is it me, or are we being inundated with catastrophic floods? Cedar Rapids, Nashville, Australia, Louisiana, Missouri, Montana…the list goes on, and while it seems like an especially bad year, the trend has been growing. You can blame it on global warming, the rapture, or just plain bad luck. But I have a different theory. And it’s backed by science. Yet no one is reporting on this, so please forward this to as many reporters as you know.

What can we do? Listen to the scientists; they know what they’re talking about.

It’s about the soil—the massive destruction of our soil’s ability to absorb moisture, a soil genocide, really. It has been occurring over the past few decades and has reached a critical mass. What’s destroying our soil’s ability to absorb water? That’s easy: the massive application of agricultural chemicals, which has been accelerated by the almost complete conversion to GMO crops (mainly corn and soy) that enable even MORE chemical usage.

Are you confused? Allow me to explain. It’s actually quite easy to understand, once you pay attention.

Healthy, organic soil is alive with billions of living creatures per square inch. All those living creatures absorb water. They absorb so much water, in fact, that if you look at healthy organic soil under a microscope it LOOKS like a sponge. So yes, before chemical farming, there were floods, but they were fairly regular, predictable, and much less catastrophic.

How does chemical “conventional” farming destroy the soil’s ability to absorb moisture? All those chemicals—especially the herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides—KILL the living organisms in the soil. All the living organisms, good and “bad.” Just as too many antibiotics kill all the good and bad bacteria in your body, too many chemicals kill everything in the soil, leaving it a dead, empty filler that can’t do what it’s supposed to do. It can’t feed the plants, it can’t protect the plants, it can’t absorb water, and it also can’t absorb carbon dioxide, leading to even more climate change (hence the tornadoes, I say, though scientists are still investigating that connection).

This seemingly radical finding has been scientifically proven at the Rodale Institute’s 30-year-old farming systems trial. It’s also been replicated by universities around the world. It just hasn’t made it onto your local evening news report, since reporters are too busy documenting the needless and horrible deaths of innocent people, the total destruction of homes, lives, farms, families, and the American Dream that catastrophic flooding and tornadoes have caused.

What can you do? Demand organic—buy and eat and grow organic food and fiber. Stop using chemicals in your own backyard. Insist that GMO foods are labeled! Take action with your local and state government. Share this with any reporter you know. Tell your friends and neighbors that the artificially cheap, toxic-chemical-filled “conventional” food is part of what’s causing flooding, and that all of us have the power to stop it.

There are doomsdayers who get on all the news shows who claim the world is ending on a certain date, and for a few weeks everyone gets a bit scared and wonders if it may be true. Invariably, those days come and go and we are still here. Yet the people who are trying to get a real message across that really could mean the difference between life and death on this precious planet earth barely get covered in the media. Or worse, get laughed at and mocked in the mad rush at the supermarket to plan a weekend summer picnic, where we grill toxic cheap foods and stuff ourselves like there’s no tomorrow.

Well, what if there isn’t?


Fred Hoekstra
Fred Hoekstra5 years ago

Thank you Maria, for Sharing this!

Teresa Wlosowicz
Teresa W5 years ago


Howard C.
.6 years ago

I hadn't heard of these issues before - I often wonder however what effect building on the land has - soil that is underneath a building can no longer absorb water; as it cannot be asbsorbed where it falls it has to go somewhere. If it is running off on to land that has been chemically treated and cannot absorb it then the end result cannot be surprising.

Raymond  Cornes
.6 years ago

From the end of World War 2 we have been spraying the land with them many chemical you would not believe it, I brought a book a few years ago on Pesticides called (P is for Pesticides by Dr Tim Lang & Dr Charlie Clutterbuck In association with the Pesticides Trust) this book is one of the most detailed book I could find at the time, not only does it tell me all the Pesticides but also tell me how many time the fruit is sprayed instance a (Lettuce is sprayed 13 time the amount of Pesticides used 30, for 1 Lettuce) an (Coxs Apple is sprayed 15 times) before the World War 2 my farther could buy tomatoe wash it then eat it, (today I have peel it and core it) (Gransmith Apples look nice they should do, all fruits are covered in wax to make them look good) the chemicals on livestock the less said about these the better, all I will say the cause of BSE in Britain was due to a Chemical, the Chemical Companies are Killing Us, When it Rains the water will not Sink in Ground just stays on top, why, we strayed them many time we have Damaged the Soil so the water is not soak up, inturn we end up with Floods, Fluoride in Drinking Water, they say it helps Dental Decay, if this is true, the amount of Fluoride we come in contact with we would not need a Dentist ever again, Fluoride in almost all Food
Products, What are Governments doing about it Nothing, Why becuse Government will not take the Chemical Companies on to but matters Right.

joan g.
.6 years ago

Yikes!!! another DOOM & GLOOM article.......

TERRY R6 years ago


Randi L.
Randi Levin6 years ago

It's Mother Nature's way for awakening all of us to our destruction of her beautiful earth.
Wars Only destroy and are never resolved
Oil magnets will ingnore the sings not to pipe here or there but they do it anyhow.
Trees get cut down and not replaced, while more and more of her animals, birds, amps and reps get killed for the fun of it and for a trophies on a wall.
Plastic, including our lovely little handheld phones, computers, TV's and Books all end up in tiny broken pieces in the bellies of the ocean creatures or on the shores of once beautiful beaches.
And now in today's modern educated world, we are using a large portion of our food supplies for oil, although we can survive w/o oil, yet we cannot survive w/o food.
We screwed with Mama Nature and all the goodness that she offered and paved for we the humans, and now she is reciprocating in retaliation!

Greg B.
Greg B.6 years ago

Good on you Lynda for raising the issue of HAARP and dangers it presents. I encourage all readers to follow this up and go on to show similar courage as yourself in exposing these crimes.

Lynda G.
Lynda G6 years ago

Whilst nature in the form of el nino and el nina can explain much, humans farming through the ages especially during the 20th century when chemicals were the flavour of the century is having a compounding effect.

The most dangerous and recent human interference is best viewed via the HAARP website. It's mind boggling what's going on with weather experiments, with one aim being to use it as a weapon.

Hugh Mcintyre
Hugh Mcintyre6 years ago

interesting article!