Why Green Divas & Dudes Prefer Organic Food

This green diva has to weigh in on all the buzz and banter about the latest†study from Stanford about the lack of nutritional benefit from eating organic food. There is a lot of evidence that I wasn’t the only one irritated and quite surprised to see how this study was spun into a pro-chemical pesticide and fertilizer piece. Clearly an anti-organic slant, the article about the study on Stamford’s website states, “Organic foods are not necessarily 100 percent free of pesticides. Whatís more, as the researchers noted, the pesticide levels of all foods generally fell within the allowable safety limits.”

Here’s where I see the fly in their ointment and question the premise of their spin. Do I really trust the FDA or whoever is setting “safe limits” for pesticide residue in my food? My answer is a quick and resounding NO. There are a thousand reasons for my feelings on this, not the least of which is my conspiracy theory that chemical and biotech lobbies have a strong foothold in the FDA and can manipulate standards to suit their needs rather than the true safety of the people they are designed to protect. For those who have an unlimited amount of time and energy and the inclination to root them out, here’s a list of†lobbyists that are lobbying the FDA.

Further muddying the waters of this study is evidence that Stanford’s†Freeman Spogli Institute, which conducted the study has accepted funding from companies like . . . wait for it . . . Monsanto! Not really shocking and it pretty much makes sense that a company looking to thwart†Proposition 37, which is all about GMO labeling in California, might find it helpful to have this study come out right about now. NOTE:†Monsanto is the single largest financial donor in the fight AGAINST labeling food with GMOs in CA under Prop 37. The†Cornucopia Institute did a great article about the biotech funding that may have tainted this Stanford study.

If I’m going to put any emphasis on a study regarding organic food, I’m going with the†University of Barcelona’s study published in June of this year, that proves how and why organic tomatoes have higher antioxidant levels.

Two Good Reasons Why Green Divas & Dudes
Prefer Organic Food

1. Sustainable Agriculture Rocks

. . . and I mean REAL sustainable agriculture, not biotech companies like Monsanto that say they are (their tagline is, A Sustainable Agriculture Company) (?) . . . In my humble opinion, sustainable agriculture is all about creating smaller regional farming systems and communities that grow food responsibly without harming farm workers, soil, water, food or the people who eat it. I know people will argue that we can’t feed the world on small farms, and perhaps that would be true today, but I dream of a world where we are nourished by local farms and regional farming systems, which do a lot less damage to the environment (and perhaps people) than giant factory farms. The more we support our local farmers, the closer we come to this reality.

To see more about why Sustainable Agriculture Rocks go to GD Meg’s original post on Why Green Divas & Dudes Prefer Organic Food

2. Pesticides Suck

No matter what this Stanford or any other study says about acceptable amounts of pesticides and chemical fertilizers or GMOs in my food, I just don’t want to eat them. Our awesome new intern, Jamie Bachar, did a bunch of research this week on pesticides and their effects on humans and the environment – ahhhhhhhhhh. I feel fully justified in wanting to minimize these in my diet even more now!
In response to this Stanford organic food study, Charlotte Vallaeys,†Director of Farm and Food Policy with the†The Cornucopia Institute said, “Consumers should not lose sight of the important impacts of organic agriculture, which produces foods without the use of toxic pesticides that have been linked to an array of health problems, including cancer and ADHD in children. This study confirmed once again that organic foods contain significantly lower levels of pesticide residues, and that alone should be enough reason for every family to consider exclusively purchasing organic foods.” Yea, what she said!

To see more about why Pesticides Suck, including definition of pesticides, health reasons to avoid them, what pesticides the USDA found in ground water, and more, go to GD Meg’s original post on Why Green Divas & Dudes Prefer Organic Food

Organic agriculture includes non-food crops like cotton.
Listen to the Green Divas 5-min Sleeping Naked is Green segment about why we should buy organic cotton.


Lori P.
Lori straits5 years ago

we need to be serious about stopping singular control of our food/agricultural products.

Duane B.
.5 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

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Ria H5 years ago

Thank you!

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Terry V.
Terry V5 years ago

Common sense, but our entire planet is polluted

Earth Cry


Heidi H.
Past Member 5 years ago

Some things are just sensible - without any studies needed.

Joanie E.
Joanie E.5 years ago

Thanks, Meg, for stating it plain and simple. I believe it's very difficult for folks to consider that the FDA is not taking the consumer's best interest into consideration when decisions are being made. To trust your government official is safe. To doubt creates too much tension for too many. When people become more aware and find support in like minded supporters of organic food, they will be able to more easily able to make decisions that might not necessarily be popular, but they will surely be healthier and wise.

megan m.
megan m5 years ago

don't know what kind of science you are looking for @Steve L., but i'm not a scientist, nor do i pretend to be one. i hope to provide resources so people can draw their own conclusions. there is no amount of science that can convince me it is OK for us or the planet to put toxic chemicals on my food and in my body. sorry. it doesn't take a PhD to figure out that what we eat has a significant impact on our health and that adding pesticides, chemical fertilizers and GMOs to our food probably isn't smart. i'm happy when science backs that up, but i don't need it. ;) gd meg