Why One Touch Water is Better Than Tap

By Lacy Hansen for Diets in Review

One of the best things you can do for your health is drinking plenty of water. In many cities, this is difficult as the water from many taps isn’t desirable to most people. The water can smell, have a poor taste, and often times isnít as clean as most would prefer it to be.

This leaves consumers with few options. Typically, they can either invest in an expensive water filtration system or purchase costly bottled water. Additionally, many bottled water companies simply bottle a municipal water source that has gone through one filter. So, both options arenít exactly ideal.

However, a new option has hit the market called†One Touch Water, which is now offering a new water purification technology for the home or office at an affordable price. Thereís no costly contracts and the units are very simple to install and maintain. Even better, they offer a new form of filtration to ensure consumers are actually getting purified, healthy water.

One Touch Water has created what they call a Point of Use (POU) filtration technology that can take place within a unit small enough to fit on a kitchen counter. The system hooks up to the consumerís tap and then goes through four to five separate stages of filtration.

Advanced purification and even ultraviolet light is used to deliver healthy, clean water. There is even a fifth option consumers can add that includes a reverse osmosis stage.

The One Touch Water system claims to offer extremely clean drinking water without the expense and garbage that comes with bottled water, or the bills involved with other costly filtration systems.

The controversial issue of chemicals like chlorine or fluoride in our tap water will continued to be debated and in the meantime, many are drinking these questionable ingredients. Even those who purchase bottled water are dealing with the questions about chemicals from plastic chemicals being ingested as well. It seems that the need to get truly filtered water is growing, and perhaps One Touch Water is the most practical solution yet.

Some of the worldís healthiest people will tell you that they†drink several ounces of water every day. Doctors will agree that itís one of the best choices you can make for your health. More people would likely drink up if there werenít so many roadblocks. Maybe the battle for good tasting, clean, and affordable is closer than we thought.

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Cynthia Blais
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Latoya Brookins4 years ago

I need to buy a water filter.

It'll be the first thing I do when I move to a new place.

Danuta Watola
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Nimue Pendragon

Sounds ok but if it doesn't filter out the fluoride, it's not really.

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Abbe A.
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Christine Stewart
Christine S5 years ago

It probably does work very well, but I am satisfied with the britta faucet attachment I have- one filter lasts for 4 months, and the tap water doesn't smell like swamp anymore!

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