Why Buy Organic Flowers?

Many of us will be buying or sending flowers for Mother’s Day. There are very real and important reasons why organically-grown flowers are the best choice.

According to Organic Bouquet, growing flowers organically:

  • Reduces toxic chemical usage.
  • Brings life to the soil.
  • Best for the environment.
  • Safer for farmers and farm workers.
  • Promotes long-term sustainability of farmland.

One of the problems with pesticides is that they don’t stay put: They drift, getting into and contaminating water supplies, our homes, gardens, and bodies. Since many pesticides have been implicated in ozone depletion and the rising incidence of cancer, non-organic flower-growing has a serious impact on our health and the environment.

Rather than using toxic chemicals to destroy pests, organic farmers rely on prevention, and also on growing thriving, pest-resistant plants through healthier soil and environment. So organic flower-growers not only reduce the amount of toxic compounds in the biosphere, they actually improve the environment and promote the sustainability of farmland.

Many of the flowers we buy at supermarket floral departments and florists come from other countries where pesticide regulations are far more lax than they are here. Floral workers suffer the risk of exposure to chemicals that have been banned in the United States.

Support the health of our planet and ourselves by supporting the organically-grown flower industry. Here are a few links to help you find organic flowers.

To order organic flower bouquets:

Organic Bouquet

California Organic Flowers

And to find local organic growers, see Local Harvest.

By Cait Johnson, Assistant Producer, Care2 Healthy Living Channels


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Regarding the "how do you know" line of argument for what is and isn't, unless you know the difference between organic and non-organic, and research every single shop you go into, you are left with trusting the shop you buy from.

It seems that in this age of being flooded with information via social media, the Internet, and constant diet of news, the one thing we're incredibly good at is being cynical with everything and everybody.

Where's the fine art of discrimination, and trust in another as if you would in yourself?