Why We Need More Women Leaders


Only 3 percent of Fortune 500 CEO’s are women, but study after study has shown that, the more women that serve in leadership roles in the public sector, the more profitable the company is. That’s the conundrum the U.S. Department of State istrying to solve — how can we encourage the private and public sector to develop budding female executives, and for that matter, how can we encourage women to work towards leadership goals?

Despite significant economic gains in the past few decades, there are still significant barriers in place for women in the workplace. And it’s not just the oft-quoted statistic above about the percentage of women atop Fortune 500 companies — it trickles down much further than that. On average, women are not as likely to receive the kind of mentorship that men receive, they are less likely to have female role models, they’re the victim of senseless stereotypes, they have more desire for a work life balance, etc.

Though women face major obstacles whileclimbing the corporate ladder, there is a strong correlation between women in high-level positions and the company’s bottom line. Why, exactly? There are a few explanations: For more than 15 years, women have earned more bachelor’s degrees than men, but the rates of women in senior executive positions has remained relatively stagnant across the boardrooms and corner offices. If corporations want to attract the best possible talent, the gender disparity needs to be more in line.

What’s more, the more women in leadership roles, the more women in entry-and-mid-level positions have female mentors. And a final reason — women and men think differently, and having more of a variety of genders at the top brings more perspectives to the table.

TheAdvisory Committee on International Economic Policy (ACIEP) submitted recommendations to the State Department’sEconomic and Business Affairs Bureau about ways to encourage women’s leadership roles in business. It starts at the bottom — encourage girls as early as elementary school to become leaders.


Patricia H.
Patricia H.4 years ago

indeed, thanks for posting

Tesni Bishop
.4 years ago

For sure. Thanks.

Dave C.
David C4 years ago

we need more women because they think more of others and the effects of their actions on the world and future.....act out of sense of doing good more than a sense of being tough.

Ben Oscarsito
Ben O4 years ago

Yes of course, as long as they are not like Margret Thatcher!

Scott haakon
Scott haakon5 years ago

What is needed is a sea change in this culture. Females are conditioned not to be leaders but to depend on men for financial,status,and future. That has to change. Many women who have chosen to SAHM do resist in part because of the human emotional need to be vindicated and justified in their choices(or lack of).
In history,many powerful (usually noble) women had servants to do much of the work. Today that is not available to most. Plus the conflict between the SAHM and the career woman blocks much of the progress.

Melania Padilla
Melania P5 years ago

So agree! Thanks

Frank S.
Past Member 5 years ago

Women are mentally stronger than men and only a woman knows the pain of giving birth. Maybe under a womans leadership there will be no more wars so we don't have to worry about losing our sons and daughters who are being killed in wars.

Mari 's
Mari 's5 years ago

We need more women, yes! In other countries too!!!

Michael Wecke
Michael Wecke5 years ago

What a tiring debate... in what times do we live that such a debate is still going on - absolutely amazing - I never supported gender nepotism. Wise men and women choose their leaders based on competence and reward them accordingly. This to me is common sense...but I have heard it said that "Common sense is not that common".

Jacobo Van
jacobo Van5 years ago

Mr. Chiencheng T. is so correct with his evaluation of Ms. Warren that I would try to get her to the President's Cief of Staff slot until she is ready to run for the White House. God bless.