Why Would I Want Enlightenment?

We tend to perceive enlightenment as something beyond our human capacity. We believe that enlightenment is for “special” people like Buddha and Jesus. But what if Buddha and Jesus were demonstrating a very real potential, something that was and is attainable for all humans?

The experience of love in everything is a reality; it is just that we have forgotten that reality. As you expand your consciousness and new realizations arise, you will see that your heart is continuously yearning for more and more love-consciousness. Ultimately, it yearns to sit in union.
People often think that to presume or even strive for enlightenment would be arrogant. But enlightenment is neither arrogant nor humble; it is just real. It feels no need to hide behind a mask of false modesty or to try to fit into a preconceived idea of how it is supposed to behave. We often compromise our truth by playing small in order to make others feel better about themselves. We don’t do what we really want to because we are afraid of losing approval, but enlightenment never compromises its own greatness.

Enlightenment is love of self. This has nothing to do with arrogance. We have been taught that loving ourselves is selfish, but if I do not know unconditional love of myself, I cannot extend it to the rest of humanity.
Another commonly held misconception is that enlightenment is a state of disconnection from reality. On the contrary, enlightenment anchors you more than ever in life. When you transcend the fears of the mind, you embrace life with freedom and joy. You become more present, not less. This is the glory of enlightenment: you continue to live the human experience while anchored permanently in the vibration of absolute love.

This is also true of our emotions. We often think that enlightenment is a state of emotional inactivity, but in reality, emotions move much more freely as consciousness expands. We feel every emotion fully, without judgment, just as a child feels. As we burst into unconditional love of self, we embrace the spontaneity that is natural to us.

So why don’t you try to be more in the moment, instead of allowing your mind to circle on past regrets or future dramas? Why don’t you try to find joy and perfection, instead of allowing the critique of the mind to take you constantly to a place of what’s wrong? Why don’t you try to feel exactly what’s going on, instead of masking your true emotions?

Enlightenment is quite simply the state of being one’s true self… and that true self is the love.

Adapted from: Why Walk When You Can Fly, by Isha (New World Library, 2008).

Isha Judd is an internationally renowned spiritual teacher and author; her latest book and movie, Why Walk When You Can Fly? explain her system for self-love and the expansion of consciousness. Learn more at www.whywalkwhenyoucanfly.com.


Aud Nordby
Aud n4 years ago


K s Goh
KS Goh6 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Frank Lornitzo
Frank Lornitzo8 years ago

Rocks? We have all theses AK 47 bullets. Newt Gingrich had this thing once about a laptop for every baby. How about an AK 47 for every friend. Then we all can be safe from each othert while we chum around.

janine k.
janine k8 years ago

"Why don’t you try to feel exactly what’s going on, instead of masking your true emotions?" DC
Hey folks, don't hold anything back now, ya hear? lol Certainly I WANT to be enlightened at all times. It is horrible to be in the dark. Enlighten me, tell me why we all can't have a rational discussion thousands of years after we have stopped throwing rocks at each other.

Road LessTraveled
Eric Straatsma8 years ago

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Rezi D.
Past Member 8 years ago

open response 2 RON's comments

Being spiritual has nothing 2 do w/ Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad or God

AGREE_Being spiritual has nothing 2 do w/ Buddha & Muhammad
DISAGREE_Being spiritual has nothing 2 do w/ Jesus & God Bcause...
Being spiritual has EVERYTHING 2 do w/ Jesus, God & the HOLY SPIRIT Bcause GOD gives the HOLY SPIRIT 2 *saved Blievers of JESUS gospel
*Blief baptizo/immersion = salvation/forgiveness/receive H.S./eternal-life-in-heaven

Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad or God are only pointing the way

QUESTIONS_the way 2 WHAT? where are you headed?
if heaven is your intended destination then...
AGREE_Jesus & God are pointing the way 2 eternal life in heaven Bcause...
DISAGREE_Buddha & Muhammad are pointing the way 2 eternal life in heaven Bcause...
buddha didn't seek *GOD & **muhammad rejected GOD
*GOD sends HIS servants 2 those who seek HIM & buddha never mentioned GOD of Abraham so GOD didn't send servants
**muhammad mentioned JESUS servants but never obeyed JESUS gospel

Look at the moon & not at the finger pointing 2 the moon

take a GOOD L@@K at the finger that says it's pointing 2 the moon & if it's not then find the finger that IS pointing 2 the moon & follow THAT finger

2 B in time is 2 B asleep: 2 B awake is 2 B in eternity

2 B UNSAVED is 2 B asleep (DEAD)
Awake thou that sleepest & arise from the dead & Christ shall give thee ligh

Rezi D.
Past Member 8 years ago

as you wish, RON

i will pray that GOD will bless & protect you & bring into your life situations that will draw you to HIM

sincerely, rezi d.

Rezi D.
Past Member 8 years ago

'scuse me tami r u bothered by a peaceful Xchange of ideas?

TAMI said: Whoa...Enough please

pardon? no 1 needs u 2 say STOP. either listen-&-learn/live-&-let-live OR share ur idea OR myob

TAMI: we after all, all 1. all world religions @ core say exactly same thing

no tami they do not & THAT is the CORE ISSUE of this discussion

GOD says there is ONLY 1 WAY 2 HIM thru JESUS

all manmade ideas say there r multiple choice diy ways
either NO god OR MANY gods
NO right & wrong

TAMI: it's all about luv

luv of WHOM or what? self? hogwash! bible warns that in the last days men will Bcome 'luvrs of self'

TAMI: I'll quote Isha Judd author of piece taken from her book "Y Walk When U Can Fly" "Once u recognize there's only luv u C magic & wonder of everything. U C luv in anger...jealousy...even hatred. No matter what emotions...u recognize all of it's nothing other than luv C-king 2 break thru." That's what I C happening here...fear...need 2 B heard...2 B right is luv C-king 2 break thru

me: instead i will quote the book of the GOD who created isha
*hate = kill NOT luv_who's right GOD or isha?
*GOD IS luv
*GOD so luvd the world HE sent HIS only SON JESUS 2 die 4 men's sins
*luv GOD w/all ur heart mind & soul
*if u luv ME u'll obey ME if u don't u won't
*luv ur neighbor as urself
*luv ur enemy

so what's missing? nothing. GOD covered all aspects of luv

& here i come Bcause i luv JESUS & i luv u

Tami B.
Tammy B8 years ago

Whoa all this back and forth ego vs ego and mine can not stay silent a moment longer. Enough please, we after all, all one. The religions of the world at their core say exactly the same thing, it is all about the love. I will quote Isha Judd author of this piece taken from her book "Why Walk When You Can Fly" "Once you recognize there is only love, you see the magic and wonder of everything. You see the love in people's anger, the love in their jealousy, the love even in their hatred. No matter what emotions they express, you recognize that all of it is nothing other than love seeking to break through." That is what I see happening here, the fear, the need to be heard, to be right is the love seeking to break through.

Rezi D.
Past Member 8 years ago

laura said: I can barely stand hijacking snobby self-righteousness migraine-inducing
$#!t in forum I subscribe 2 Bcause of great hippy-esque free-thinking vibe

me: i assume u mean me but me thinks u r not free-thinking if u can barely tolerate different thinking

laura: we all have God-given right

me: U Blieve in GOD? good

laura: 2 our own thoughts opinions & feelings on very serious matter of religion & spirituality

me: GOD & i agree but GOD gave me responsibility 2 speak HIS word

Bsides if u TRULY Blieved ur religion u wouldn't B threatened by me. mayB u have doubts. GOOD

laura: throwing Bible verses 2 people that don't hold it 2 same standard as u well doesn't it seem silly & insulting 2 every1's intellect? U may Blieve world is b&w & in absolute truth but not every1 does

me: ur response 2 me quoting bible says more about u than me. GOD's word leads 2 eternal life. eternal souls r @ stake

laura: I can't fathom God creative enough 2 design such amazing beautiful intricacies in nature & body yet only allow 1 religion that's only been around 2k yrs. That disagrees w/my mind & spirit

me: u Blieve GOD created all? VERY GOOD

QUESTION: if JESUS the GOOD SHEPHERD died such a horrible death on the cross 4 all men's sins Y would GOD allow another shepherd 2 make another path & lead HIS sheep?

Bsides if GOD can create universe HE can get HIS word 2 ALL who seek HIM

last if bible disagrees w/u it's not bible t