Why You Need a Weight Loss Partner and How to Find One

Even if you†really want to lose weight, you may still lack motivation and patience. Well, a weight loss partner can change that. You can share tips and help each other push through weight loss plateaus. And†a partner can†benefit your mental and physical health in even more ways.

Here are five advantages of having a weight loss partner.

1. A partner can make your weight loss journey fun

You donít have to approach weight loss with teeth and fists clenched. Try to make your weight loss journey fun. That will increase the chances of maintaining a healthy weight for the rest of your life.

You can prep healthy delicious meals with your partner and share interesting stories while going for weekend walks.

2. A weight loss partner offers accountability

Being accountable to someone goes a long way in helping you achieve any goal. Youíre less likely to hit the snooze button when your partner is outside ready for the morning run. And youíll definitely order healthy meals if you dine out with your partner.

3. A weight loss partner will help change your mindset

Do you believe that you have no control over food or you canít exercise consistently? A weight loss partner can help you get rid of these limiting beliefs.

Someone who believes they can lose weight and keep it off will infect you with the same mindset.

4. A weight loss partner makes success sweeter

Losing weight can offer a rewarding feeling even when youíre by yourself, but your success will be sweeter when you have a partner to celebrate with.

5. A weight loss partner can help you lose weight faster

All of the benefits above will make it easier for you to lose weight. Also, a partner will add a competitive aspect to your journey.†A desire to lose more weight than your partner will make you train with intensity and adhere to your diet plan.

How to find a weight loss partner

Ask family members:†Before you pursue other options, ask your partner or relatives if they want to embark on a weight loss journey with you. Since you know their character, youíll be able to choose someone whoís disciplined and more likely to stick to the plan.

Ask coworkers:†A coworker can make a good weight loss partner since you see each every day. You can even go for walks together during your lunch break.

Join meet-up groups:†It will be easy to find a partner in groups that focus on health and fitness. If you donít have time to attend group meetings, post a flyer at your local church, synagogue, mosque or community center.

Find a partner online:†Look for a partner in weight loss forums and groups. Write a post requesting for a weight loss partner near your neighborhood. Provide details on the kind of partner youíre looking for.

How to build a quality relationship with your weight loss partner

Schedule for weekly weigh-in: Knowing that you and your partner will step on the scale each week will help you stay on track.

Motivate each other every morning: Call your partner each morning and encourage them to maintain healthy habits.

Play sports together: Playing sports like tennis or volleyball with your partner every now and then can help you build a strong bond and keep you fit.

What qualities are you looking for in a weight loss partner?


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Fitness classes do it for me.

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Join TOPS.

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However you could adopt a dog and he/she will motivate you bc they need walking daily. You'll then lose weight n get fitter too. Plus you could get a close neighbor to join you and each of you can record each others weight or indeed just supporting each other

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