Why You Should Be Exercising Intuitively

Intuitive exercise is a lot like intuitive eating, and embracing it can make you fitter, because you’re giving your body exactly what it needs.

Sometimes, it’s just HARD to work out. You know those mornings where you just feel like rolling out your mat, stretching and doing some meditation—instead of hauling your body to the gym for a bootcamp class? And how often do you forcibly drag yourself to bootcamp, only to feel even more exhausted afterwards? That’s where intuitive exercise comes in.

Intuitive exercise is a lot like intuitive eating. When you eat intuitively, you listen to what your body wants and needs. Is it a healthy carb day? Do you need a little more fat? Craving some juicy fruit? It’s about listening to what your body wants and complying—mindfully. And when it comes to intuitive exercise, it’s pretty much the same thing.

Of course, the first step towards intuitive exercise is to start exercising consistently. If you don’t exercise, your body is not going to crave movement—much in the same way that a person who only eats junk food isn’t going to start suddenly craving broccoli. You need to have a consistent routine, and it may take a little willpower to get there. But once you’re there, that’s when the intuition can be allowed to kick in.

Here’s the deal: we’ve been taught that there are a lot of fitness rules—like how much cardio you should get or how many leg days you should dedicate to your weekly routine. But they’re not necessarily gospel. Everyone is unique, and the fact is you instinctively know your body best. So listen to your needs. Allow yourself to embrace occasional rest days. Go extra hard on lighter days.

Don’t worry, you won’t become lazy or stop working out. Actually, you might get even fitter, because you’re giving your body exactly the kind of intuitive activity (and non-activity) it craves.

Senior couple with dog on a walk in an autumn forest.

Plus, when you exercise intuitively, you’ll enjoy it more (and you’ll likely experience greater fitness success). In fact, you’ll probably be doing something you love. That is perhaps the most important thing of all—having fun. Doesn’t that sound like the way we all should be exercising?

The moral of the story is: don’t do exercises you hate just because you know they’re good for you. Exercise should be as much about enjoyment as it is about fitness. Move your body the way that instinctively feels right, and enjoy it. That’s the surefire way to have a healthy, bountiful relationship with exercise.

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