Why You Should Drive Green in 2014 (& Why We Love Oats!)

Despite the flu that has been plaguing me since my trip to Detroit and the latest snow storm (that will remain nameless), we managed to get together in the Green Diva Studio and fill up an hour with good information and fun.

Our latest Green Dude discovery is Dan Cohen, who writes for GearDiary.com, and as it turns out he’s a Rabbi. He’s a very interesting green dude and we look forward to having him in the studio more often.

We met Rabbi Dan a year ago in Detroit a the North American International Auto Show, and discovered that not only was he a gear and tech guy, but he also lived in Boonton about a half mile from our studio!

Dan Cohen @ Green Diva StudioWe had big plans, but as life sped by I didn’t see Dan again until I was in Detroit for the same reason this year! Yikes. We were both guests of Ford again and I’m so glad we ran into each other, although I’m still dismayed that we managed to NOT cross paths in our own hometown!

So, last week, he braved the cold, snow and ice (and my lingering flu) to trek the half mile to get to the studio and come and talk about driving green in 2014.

Listen to this GD Radio Show podcast to hear all about our trip to Detroit, Ford’s eco-friendly product lines and about a new innovative EV company called Elio . . .
Green Diva Foodie-Phile: Oats image

Green Divas Foodie-Philes

Green Diva Gina did an excellent Foodie-Phile report on the many reasons we should love oats, not the least of which is that all oats are non-GMO and will stay that way (for now). Read GD Gina’s excellent post on why we should love oats, and listen to this great podcast and learn why we love oats

Green Divas DIYWhat to do with old christmas lights image

And if you are like us, you may have a mess of old Christmas lights that you aren’t quite sure what to do with . . . Did you know you can recycle them? We didn’t either, but GD Mizar did some homework. Read GD Mizar’s post about recycling Christmas lights to find out more, and listen to this fun Green Divas DIY podcast to find out how to recycle Christmas lights.


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Right, Monica...I can't think of anything greener than my 25 year old bicycle...

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What a strange mix but all are appreciated. Thank you.

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Thank you. The bike is the ultimate green vehicle.

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