Why You Should Treat Yourself to a Massage

Do you love getting massages but feel guilty about the price tag? Check out the benefits of massage, so your next one can be relaxing and guilt-free.


I’m a big believer in preventive medicine. Caring for your body proactively can save thousands of dollars in medical expenses down the road. Things like eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise are investments in our long-term health. You can add massage to your list of healthy habits!

File massages under “self care.” If you’re new to the idea of self care, it pretty much is what it says it is. We so often get caught up trying to excel at work, as friends, and as family members that we forget to take time out to care for ourselves. Self care doesn’t have to mean a 60 minute massage session, but after looking at the benefits below, maybe you’ll want to find the time to treat yourself to a massage a couple of times a year.

If massages are a little bit out of your price range, that’s OK! Self care can be as simple as going out to dinner or drinks with friends, taking 20-30 minutes for a hot bath with soothing essential oils and epsom salts, or doing a little bit of yoga. What’s important is that you’re doing something for you. Something that makes you feel good.

More on self care: Yoga for Anxiety, Free Guided Meditation Resources, Yoga for Tension Headaches

I knew that I felt more relaxed and centered after a good massage, but seeing the benefits of massage laid out visually like this really drives the point home, doesn’t it? The graphic also lists different types of massage, which can help you choose the style that’s right for what’s ailing you.

Benefits of Massage

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I give myself a massage every time I put on homemade lotion, which is once a week after a shower (I haven't had time for a bath with 5 other people in the house and one bathroom). I do it nice and slow so all the tension goes away... at least until the next time that an argument or emergency in the family pops up. Next weekend I am going to get a friend to give me a back massage.

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