Wi-Fi Ranks Higher in Importance Than Sex, Chocolate and Alcohol

Is it any wonder that wireless internet access is now among one of the most basic necessities for many modern day humans? According to a new report from Wi-Fi connectivity provider iPass, Wi-Fi is more than just something we prefer to have 24/7 in our everyday lives — it now actually ranks higher on average than some of the most pleasurable luxuries and necessities.

Based on information gathered from over 1,700 American and European working professionals who participated in a survey, 40 percent chose Wi-Fi as their number one daily essential. Thirty-seven percent chose sex as their top daily essential while 14 percent chose chocolate and 9 percent chose alcohol.

The survey respondents were directly asked to rank Wi-Fi, sex, chocolate and alcohol in order of importance using a scale of 1 to 4 where 1 was least important and 4 was most important. On average, Wi-Fi ranked at 3.0 while sex was 2.8, chocolate was 2.3, and alcohol was 1.9.

According to the report, the reason why Wi-Fi seems to have risen so sharply to the top of many people’s list of daily essentials is because of the tangible difference it’s been making in their everyday lives over the past few years as mobile technology has really advanced. When asked if Wi-Fi has improved the quality of their life, 75 percent of survey respondents said ‘yes.’

The fact that more people seem to need or want Wi-Fi more than other things like sex and chocolate isn’t necessarily a bad thing — for the majority of working professionals, at least. The convenience of being able to work from anywhere (for better work/life balance), the ability to download/stream content from anywhere, and more enjoyable traveling/commuting experiences were the top three Wi-Fi benefits that survey respondents chose.

The rest of us may have mixed feelings about both the positive and negative impacts of being connected everywhere, all the time. Twenty-five percent of respondents said that Wi-Fi did not improve the quality of their life and those who might consider themselves falling into that group as well either all the time or just occasionally might benefit from questioning their habits.

Some good questions to start asking yourself might include:

  • Am I using Wi-Fi to distract myself from things I need to do?
  • Am I using Wi-Fi to excessively post, browse or interact on social media?
  • Am I using Wi-Fi to make sure I can answer an email at a moment’s notice?
  • Is my phone/computer/tablet the first thing I grab in the morning and the last thing I look at before I go to bed?

Internet addiction is still a very new area of concern when it comes to mental health, so the the future can only tell us what will be available in terms of how it might be more properly diagnosed and treated. While most people who have trouble managing their internet use probably aren’t internet addicts, there’s always room for improvement.

Here’s how:

Maybe even start balancing out your Wi-Fi use with some extra time spent getting intimate with your partner, mindfully indulging in some high-quality dark chocolate or enjoying a nice glass of wine with a good book! Too much of a good thing isn’t really any good at all, so whether the wonders of Wi-Fi have benefited your life or not, it’s always worth becoming more aware of imbalances in your life and making adjustments where necessary.

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Amanda M.
Amanda M2 years ago

I had to laugh because I don't even USE wifi-the only reason we got it this year was because both kids started bringing home school-provided iPads this year (it's a county public schools thing), so we had to upgrade so they could have access and do their homework that way. My husband and I are quasi-dinosaurs in that respect-we use the high-speed internet on our desktop computer, so no need for wifi. If the wifi kacked out, I could honestly care less. Touch my chocolate though, and there's gonna be trouble!

Siyus Copetallus
Siyus Copetallus2 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Dennis Hall
Dennis Hall2 years ago

Thank you.

Margie FOURIE2 years ago

Not sure about chocolate and alcohol.

Donn M.
.2 years ago

Don't use WiFi so I guess it would rank at the bottom with alcohol.

Muff-Anne York-Haley

It's pretty important!

Barbara P.
Barbara P2 years ago

Sex definitely outranks Wi-fi in importance to my life, but Wi-fi is somewhat of a daily essential, although I sometimes forget to even turn my Wi-fi on during the day and I always turn it off before bed. I don't like running the signal in my home too much, because it's not healthy.

Rachel L.
Past Member 2 years ago

Well it would be nice to have both WiFi AND sex. When the WiFi went out during a blizzard last year, I had to walk to Starbucks. When I tried to get the attention of potential sex partners, they were too busy on WiFi to notice me. Since I don't care about chocolate and can't drink anymore, I feel my human rights were violated :)

william Miller
william Miller2 years ago


John chapman
John chapman2 years ago

For most people, getting away from it all. Doesn't mean wifi.