Wicked Awesome Uses for Mason Jars

I grew up near Boston, and there are a few things you need to know about Boston: 1. There really is a Dunkin Donuts on every corner; 2. The Celtics is pronounced with a soft C; 3. When something is fantastic, it is “wicked awesome”. These Mason jar storage solutions are so so ridiculously great that they qualify as wicked awesome.

Spray Painted Mason Jars: DIY blogger Alderberry Hill came up with this wicked awesome way to use Mason jars. She spraypainted them yellow, and tied a cute gingham ribbon around their rims. Clearly, any combination of spray paint and ribbon would work. You could do red with tartan bows for X-mas, orange with black bows for Halloween, hot pink with light pink bows for a bridal shower…really any combination that suits your decor would work. You could use these little guys as vases. Can you imagine how cute flowers in a matching shade would look in one of these jars?

Mason Jar Bathroom Storage: Blogger Lolly Jane posted photos of this project on Hometalk.com, and right away, I put this project on my to-do list. On a board mounted above her bathroom sink, she hung four mason jars by screwing hose clamps into the board, and then she slipped Mason jars into the clamps. Now each one of her children has his own toothbrush and toothpaste holder, which she says has led to a reduction in toothpaste smeared on the sink.

Mason Jar Snow Globes: I wrote a whole post about this. Click over to read how to make Mason jar snow globes.

DIY Pottery Barn-Inspired Lanterns: According to Debbie from the blog Confessions of a Plate Addict, all you need to make these rustic-chic lanterns is Mason jars, wire, dollar store votive candles, and acorns. When I go to the dollar store, I leave with, like, a bag of off-brand cotton balls and a bottle of Windex. This lady leaves with inspiration for lanterns like the ones sold by a high end retailer. The mind boggles.

Hanging Jar Spice Storage: That little lip at the top of a Mason jar comes in really handy. It makes it possible to hang them in so many ways. The lovely DIY blogger Jami from the blog Freckled Laundry built a DIY spice jar “rack” out of spice jars, floral wire, and nails. I’m not sure if the jars she used are truly Mason jars, but this would definitely work with Mason jars.

Bulk Spice Jars with Chalkboard Labels: One might wonder how cute a spice jar possibly could be. Well, let me tell you, the way that the blogger from the DIY blog ‘a casarella did it is pretty darn cute. She simply scraped the label off of a soup jar, and then affixed a chalk board label to the jar and labeled it in white chalk. She turned something ordinary into something extraordinary.

How do you reuse Mason jars? Tell us!

50 More Uses for Mason Jars

Chaya Kurtz writes about Houston electricians and tile contractors for Networx.com.


Tara W.
Tara W3 years ago

Most useful, multipurpose containers EVER!

Nicole Carpenter
Nicole Carpenter3 years ago

love them for storing food and preparing salads ahead of time


Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson4 years ago

thanks so very much! love the last one :)

Nona E.
Nona E5 years ago

Love finding ideas to "reuse". I like all of these...can't wait to paint some! I have noticed recently that some purchased food jars have measuring marks on one side. Great for measuring "shakers" and for "see-through" leftover storage in fridge.

Heather Holland
Heather Holland5 years ago

nice thanx

Autumn S.
Autumn S5 years ago

very good article, thank you!

Jessica T.
Jessica T5 years ago

Love the recycling/repurposing ideas! Thanks! :)

Fred Hoekstra
Fred Hoekstra5 years ago

Thank you Chaya, for Sharing this!

Lynn D.
Lynn D5 years ago

Good and clever ideas, thanks!

Garnet Jenny Fulton
Past Member 5 years ago

How neat! We often used them as drinking glasses which made the list, but found two more pictures of something fun to make out of them: http://pinterest.com/pin/58969076340361944/ and http://pinterest.com/pin/58969076340410782/