Wild About Wilder

With love and all due respect to the homo sapiens in my life, I must acknowledge that Gene Wilder is my best, favorite and just a-smidgeon-short-of-being-perfect, boyfriend.

Self-sufficient, extremely handsome, totally in-tune with my menopausal moods, sympathetic and impeccably groomed, Gene Wilder (NEVER referred to by less than his fullname) is compassionate, cuddly and affectionate. A natural athlete, he combines the Olympian skills of diver Michael Phelps and swimmer Mark Spitz; gazelle graceful and with leopard-like speed, he isslender, lithe and elegant.Gene Wilder loves children and other small animals, prefers a simple, hearty diet,andtakes pleasure in leisurely strolls, luxurious baths and the steadythrum of raindrops on the roof. Ah, Gene Wilder, my friend, companion, lovely, darling cat.

Aginger kitty with a whimsical face that belongs on a box of oddly named sweets, Gene Wilder is indeed the feline incarnation of Hollywood’s original Willy Wonka. At meal time – when, appropriately enough,a favorite treat is a sliver of ham – he is the quintessential performer, rising on long, agilelegs to sing and dance in circlesfor his supper -just think of thatscreamingly funny moment in “Young Frankenstein” when the human actor dons atop hat to intently intone “…puttin’ on the Ritz”. Now imagine him in a furry orange set of tail(s) and you know EXACTLYhow my Gene Wilder looks.

Asleep, he also channels his human counterpart, once again in acting mode: MyGene Wilder dozes off upside down, with as little of his body weight supported as possible, a constant challenge to the law of gravity. Point of reference? An early moment in Blazing Saddles when newly appointed Sheriff Bart meetsthe upended town ne’er do well, Jim, portrayed by, you guessed it, Gene Wilder. Kitten Wilder, however, has no stunt double and when the reality hits that gravity works, he tumbles into a jumbled heap of indignant fluff, gives a slightly arrogant toss of his head as if to say “I meant to do that” and then resumes his previously casual posture until it happens again. And again.

At his most adorable, Gene Wilder is overwhelmingly affectionate; nothing takes precedent over making love. Paws begin to knead and stroke, rhythmic rumbles and purrs resonate and his silky face repeatedly buffs and brushesagainst my cheek and chin. At the height of his most romantic murmurs, he nuzzles my neckin a moment of total abandon, then drools into my ear.I can’t help but wonder if the humanMr. Wilder is equally demonstrative.

Could the orange kitten have been called by any other name? During the early hours of the day he first arrived, we laid flat on our bellies, nose-to-nose, eyeballing one another and memorizing each other’s features. “Fluffy? Tangie? Ginger? Marmalade? ” I mused. “Wilder,” his little voice theatrically informed. “Gene Wilder.”

Interestingly enough, Gene Wilder was not even the actor’s given name. Reportedly, he chose his stagemoniker because he “couldn’t see a ‘Jerry Silberman’ playing Hamlet. He admits now that he can’t see ‘Gene Wilder’ playing Hamlet either.” Neither can Isee my Gene Wilder playing Hamlet, but I’m certain he wouldrelish anything that had “ham” in it!


Nicole L.
Nicole Lichte7 years ago

Adorable story !! : )

pierluigi bonatesta


Annie Flanders
annie Flanders8 years ago

somehow i missed this one. such a delightful story about gene wilder.

keep up the good work!

virginia l.
virginia l8 years ago

lol, i have aginger wilder too, named ronnie"tazmania"they seem to be similar all those reddish fellows

Irene MacMillan
Irene MacMillan8 years ago

That's one VERY CUTE cat, but cute, sweet cats come in all sizes and colors. Mine is a tuxedo cat, and he's probably the sweetest feline I've ever owned.

Prevailing Wind
Past Member 8 years ago

A friend in Baltimore grows organic catnip. She brought some freshly-picked to the annual party we have in New Jersey and the hosts' cat, Grania, made a fool of herself over it. She's usually fearful of us and hides, but the catnip just drew her out of her reluctance to party with us. She never did leave the room.

I was given some dried 'nip to bring home to Scooter. I gave her a little and then stashed it away. I got some of it out yesterday. She embarrassed herself by acting so goofy over it. Then she went to sleep it off. I didn't know she could snore so loudly. LOL

Scooter doesn't have a wee one to alert me to, but she does have three jobs: Any flying critters that come in while she's making up her mind, "In or Out?"at the open door have to be dispatched by her, she has to alert me when the Pizza Hut or the Hot Wok delivery guy is coming up the steps and she has to wake me when the aliens come to abduct either one or both of us. She does really well on the first 2 tasks; she's never had to perform the 3rd.

Stephanie Holbrook

i love it!

Jean M.
Jean M8 years ago

Gene Wilder, one of my favorite actors, loved him in "Blazzing Saddles" but my favorite I think was Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory"--he just makes me cry at the end :) (I cry at a drop of a hat )...
Loved how you figured out your young man's name :)

Judy Adams
Judy Adams8 years ago

Somwhow, Jeanne, I don't think affection is the sole province of ginger cats. Our first cat was all black with gold eyes,and lived up to his name of Raffles in large part by stealing the heart of every human that was lucky enough to cross his path. Our new cat, Dallas, is white and brown, has a tail like a cheshire cat, and demands snuggles and petting at all hours and continually makes his humans laugh in new and possibly dangerous ways.
So, Janet, you never did mention whether your Wilder was adopted. Is he? Does he manage to speak English sometimes? Quite a few cats can do the "I love you" and 'mama' sounds pretty easily, and our black cat used to speak quite a few more words.

Ari Rox
Brimstone Rox8 years ago

Ohhh "Blazing Saddles" and cats, Love it!! Lilly Von Schtupp's song gets me every time. Did you know you can watch the whole film on utube ? Here's a link to Lilly's song


Purrfeck!! Anther smile on my face !!