Will Congress Protect Polluters or Our Children?


Please note deadline to make your voice heard to stop the TRAIN Act is Tuesday, September 20th!

Imagine this scene: Some maniacs have tied your children to a train track–then hopped on the train, released the brakes, and sent a mighty engine roaring down the track. Right for your children.

That’s what’s going on in Washington DC right now.

The train is, literally, the TRAIN Act of 2011, and on Wednesday, the House will vote on a bill (HR 1705) that is designed to cripple Clean Air Act regulations and intimidate the Environmental Protection Agency. The TRAIN Act requires a committee of cabinet secretaries to re-analyze the costs of public health protections. That’s right: RE-analyze. For a third time. Because when a bill is introduced, its costs are analyzed during the comment period, and again by the White House Office of Management and Budget.

The TRAIN Act is a delaying tactic created to protect polluters’ right to pollute. We must take action now to stop this shameful bill.

The TRAIN ACT is busy work for politicians whose stated goal is to block any and all environmental protections–no matter what the cost to our children’s health. Mercury, lead, arsenic, acid gases–these are the poisons spewing from coal plants that EPA, in any administration, is required by law, under the Clean Air Act, to regulate. These are regulations that save hundreds of thousands of lives, and cut health care costs by trillions of dollars.

On top of it all, polluters and politicians want you to believe that regulations kill jobs and cripple the economy. This is absolutely untrue.

We do not have to choose between jobs and clean air. We can have both.

Tell your representatives to do their jobs. Not create busy work–and blow smoke. Their job is to protect people.

Air pollution isn’t just dirty. It is poisonous. As a mom, I’m furious–and you should be too. Politicians can play politics with each other all they want. But they cannot play politics with my children.

Parents have a chance to make a difference, this week and next. Mothers’ voices will make a difference. Let Washington know that you are paying attention. Let Washington know that you want pollution to be controlled. Let Washington know that clean air saves lives.

Write to your representatives and let them know that they must stop that TRAIN speeding towards our children. Tell them to stop playing politics with our children.

PLEASE JOIN MOMS CLEAN AIR FORCE and tell your local representatives to vote NO on the TRAIN Act.


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Dana W.
Dana W6 years ago

I hope this article is tongue-in-cheek because we all know that politicians put their jobs and wallets ahead of the public's welfare.

Zee Kallah
Past Member 6 years ago

Congress will protect their bank accounts.

Steven Bryant
Steven Bryant6 years ago

For Alan

I Can think for myself, unfortunately as long as politicians are corrupt, at least in my country alternatives
are slim.

I am too aware that the cheaper some services get, the more people will waste. Getting rid of the corrupt would mean
a better education, not math or physics, but common sense taught to children. The problem with many things is that
safety and spending a few extra bucks on prevention would make the whole picture different. Too frequently
adequate studies and impact projections are not made or are falsified.

I am not against industrialization per se, but we do have to be careful with the impact around us, especially since
we have seen, time after time, many negative consequences or results, which usually are very costly to solve and cost
lives and cause health issues.

I do agree that the problems, solutions and alternatives are many and not easy at all.

I still appreciate your taking the time to write, it is concerned people like you that will eventually
make change possible.


Irene S.
Irene S6 years ago

Darn, missed it by one day! Politicians no longer care about anyone but the corporations giving them campaign contributions, and the few that actually do care can't stand up against a corrupt Congress for long. Something has to be done to get these laws through for the people, NOT the rich multinational corporations who are already laying off workers and outsourcing to India! (How can they say this will kill jobs when they're already killing jobs for the sake of higher profits?)

Muriel Servaege
Muriel Servaege6 years ago

What wouldn' they do for the sake of money?

Chris P.
Chris P6 years ago

Money, money, money. Everyone want's it. Does money make the world go round?

Robert O.
Robert O6 years ago

More than likely the polluters since they're no doubt getting money from them.

Monica D.
Monica D6 years ago

All this may be another reason why all nations may need a more environmentally sustainable economic model, along the lines of the economic system advocated by CASSE at http://steadystate.org . I encourage everyone to look at their site and consider signing the position statement there.

Monica D.
Monica D6 years ago

This sounds concerning. I hope that the economic competition between nations is not going to create a race to the bottom in environmental standards. I hope that the air in the US is not going to end up as polluted as that in China, for example.

Marie W.
Marie W6 years ago

Will Congress Protect Polluters or Us?
Who has the most money for campaign donations?