Roots, Wings and a New (Green) Nest – Win Green Guides!

Home grounds us. Itís a safe haven to come and go. For kids, itís generally the nesting place until they go off to the next great thing. Could they benefit from a little green guidance? Couldnít we all use help living a sustainable life?

Do you know about the parenting theory of Roots and Wings? It goes like this: Give kids the roots of guidance and trust, and watch them soar. Parents develop principles and values that guide their children. The hope is that these roots become ingrained, and when they move out, their path to live responsible lives will flourish.

My kids are in their early 20ís. Itís been mostly an empty EcoNest with the exception of summers for a few years. Last month, I moved my youngest child into a studio apartment near the college he attends. After signing the lease, we hauled in his stuff and I gave him a housewarming gift to remind him of his green roots. The kit consisted of some green cleaning supplies , a Klean Kanteen, a few handmade cloth napkins and six handy Green Guides from Chelsea Green Publishing.

With wanderlust in his eyes, and tears in mine, we hugged and off he went to build his new nest. On the three-hour drive back home, I realized we forgot to set up a recycling system. A few days later, I received a call from my son exclaiming that he was flipping through the guide about recycling and he was heading out to pick up a few recycling bins. Roots and Wings.

Want some green guidance for your EcoNest? Enter to win The Chelsea Green Guide Six-Pack Set by leaving a comment below. One winner will be selected at random and announced on September 15.

The Chelsea Green Guides–Six-Pack Set
by Jon Clift, Amanda Cuthbert, Nicky Scott, Rory McMullan

Biking to Work
A complete guide for making biking to work a safe reality for the beginning bike commuter. For those who live within biking distance to work, this book offers simple safety, bike-buying, gear-buying, and basic maintenance tips, as well as ways to best plan your route to and from the office. By biking to work, you can improve your physical and mental health, save money, avoid creating pollution, and contribute to friendlier cities. In the face of rush-hour traffic, biking is often faster than driving, too!

Greening Your Office: From Cupboard to Corporation: an A-Z Guide
An A-to-Z guide for offices of all sizes, from energy use and better supply purchases to recycling and reusing materials, plus summaries of a range of renewable energy options, commuting techniques, and more. These tips help your workplace save money while reducing environmental impacts, and can boost employee morale in the process. Your choices for coffee, computer monitors, furniture, invoices, lighting, paper, stamps, and hundreds of other items can add up to a better world.

Composting: An Easy Household Guide
Everything you need to know about composting, from the different containers available, to what to put in them, to how to use the results. Includes an A-Z directory of how to compost everything from ash to weeds; plus expert advice on how to compost in small spaces, bins, and wormeries, and getting your community involved.

Energy: Use Less — Save More
100 energy saving tips for everything in your home or business. Includes suggestions on heating and cooling, lighting, cooking, appliances and much more. Also provides an overview on renewable energy options.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: An Easy Household Guide
This easy to use guide has the answers to all your recycling questions. Use its A-Z listing of everyday household items to see how you can recycle most of your unwanted things, do your bit for the planet, and maybe make a bit of money while youíre at it.

Water: Use Less — Save More
100 simple and effective tips for saving water, inside and outdoors of your home or business. Packed with practical ideas for your kitchen, bath, landscaping, and water using chores.


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Thank you.

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Always remember the 3 R.

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Thanks for the article, go Green!

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Great green tips! I recently moved into a non-green household, and simply by continuing to live by the same principles I usually do, including some of the practices mentioned above, I'm slowly seeing a change in how everyone around me is living. Good to know the green movement is surviving move-outs, and growing through move-ins. :)

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Go green!

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green is the new black

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