Win a Trip to Meet Oprah!

This is it! Your chance to meet Oprah in person!

Sign up on Care2 by September 23rd to be part of the online classroom for Oprahís new OWN network show, Oprah’s Lifeclass.

In this all-new series, Oprah reaches back through 25 years of The Oprah Winfrey Show to teach the lessons that matter most to her. Oprah will share her most personal revelations, and what she thinks now about those iconic show moments and guests.

Oprah’s Lifeclass will also include course work on, for an even more enriching experience. Oprah is back on the air starting October 10, on OWN.

Reserve your spot in Oprah’s Lifeclasss and be entered for the chance for you and a friend to meet Oprah! One Care2 member will be selected at random for a trip for two to meet Oprah Winfrey in-person at the O You! event on October 15 in Atlanta. Sign up below and you could be there too!

For more info, check out: Oprah’s Lifeclass

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Brian M.
Past Member 5 years ago

Oprah is far wealthier than any human being should be allowed to be. I, for one, have no interest in becoming another promotional tool for her to exploit.

Gail Mcnamee
Gail Mcnamee5 years ago

I cannot and will not promote Care 2 anymore. How can you promote Oprah? She is desperate for ratings. I BELIEVE IN SOMETHING CALLED INTEGRITY!

roseann s.
rose s6 years ago

great..just hope Oprah can give some of her money for animal welfare Asian countries where they brutalies dogs and cats.

Carole L B.
C L B6 years ago

I really don't care to meet Oprah, and don't want to see that message popping up every single time I click to donate. I had to clear the message 10 times today -- what's up with that?

Mark T.
Mark T.6 years ago

Oprah, what's this crap about your network airing pro Canadian oil sands / Keystone XL pipeline propaganda, based on the bs that it will help liberate Saudi women. Shame on you! and shame on Care2 for promoting you.

Silver C.
Bonnie C6 years ago

Thank you, Ms. Winfrey, for having validated the "" site as my "armchair activism" site of choice.
Having been w/ the site from its very beginnings (under various screennames, due to my financial 'fits & starts' [now putting the LOA & the "Principles of Abraham" into effect, so am on the "right track" at last]), from its "Care2Connect" beginnings, I've often BEGGED my contacts to use this site for ecards (to little benefit).
Maybe *NOW*, w/ *your* endorsement, they'll listen!
All my best & here's looking forward to the "Great Awakening" just around the bend...

Terry King
Terry King6 years ago

Oprah is more tiresome and overexposed than Sarah Palin!

DIANA I6 years ago

You are a fan I guess.

Shiyi C.
Sh C6 years ago

Sounds great. Too bad it's for US residents only...

Sir Walk F.
Sir Walk F6 years ago

HATE THE OPRAH POP UP ON LOG IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!