Win Prizes for Your Best Garden Recipe!

When we first conceptualized America’s Oldest Largest Garden Party, the idea was to inspire as many backyard gardeners as we could. We had no idea that the little monthly contests originating from the kitchen table at The Beekman Farm would reach so many people in so many different places.

Of course, this success was really dependent on two things: the amazing tips submitted by all of our readers and the white hot star power of our panel of celebrity gardening judges.

As you know, the Garden Party contests have followed the growing season. The first contest was about getting your seeds started, then getting the plants in the ground, then controlling for weeds and so forth. It seemed fitting that just as we are making final preparations for our first annual Harvest Feast, that the final contest this season was all about the best recipes you’ve created from your own garden.

How excited were we when one of the gardeners (and chefs) who inspires us the most agreed to step up to judge the contest?

One of America’s most influential chefs, Alice Waters created a revolution in 1971 when she introduced local, organic fare at her Berkeley, California restaurant, Chez Panisse. Credited for helping change the food landscape in America, Chez Panisse was named best restaurant in the United States by Gourmet Magazine in 2001. Waters has championed sustainable farms and ranches for more than three decades (our hero!), and brought her vision to public schools through the Chez Panisse Foundation. The Foundation operates The Edible Schoolyard at Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School in Berkeley, where students plant, harvest, and prepare fresh food as part of the academic curriculum. Waters is the Founder of the Yale Sustainable Food Project, and Vice President of Slow Food International. She is the recipient of the Natural Resources Defense Council Force for Nature Award, 2004 and the Harvard Global Environmental Citizen Award alongside Kofi Annan, in 2008.

So for the September contest, all you need to do is submit an original recipe in the comment section of the Beekman 1802 contest site. Alice will pick her favorite recipe, and the winner will be awarded with not one, but TWO sets from OXO! Check these out:

Some for the garden.

And some for the kitchen.

Visit Beekman 1802 for more details and to submit your recipe!


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