Wisdom from Alina Frank

Reflecting upon the years of my work, I have found one consistent truth: one’s emotional state will in no small way determine the quality of one’s life, the depth of one’s relationships, and the degree of physical well-being that is achieved.

Stress is thought of as an amorphous catch-all, and we know it contributes to dysfunction and disease, but the truth is even more potent than that. Emotions are vibrational energy and energy is the source of all creations and manifestations.

When we feel guilt about having more money than members of our family, we limit our ability to create more wealth. When we feel afraid of the dangers of this world, we manifest ailments that prevent us from living our lives fully with radiant health. When we feel our hearts shut down to another for fear that we will be hurt, we attract being abandoned.

The most corrosive of all negative emotions is self-loathing. If you don’t love and accept who you are, if you can’t have compassion for what you’ve done in your past, and you find yourself unable to love yourself as easily as you love others, then you will prevent yourself from living an extraordinary life….Continue reading at InspireMeToday.com.

Alina is an EFT and Matrix Reimprinting coach specializing in women’s issues.

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Thank you.

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that should have been a commandment! love thyself! ty