Wisdom from Barry Goldstein

Like notes in a song, moments lead us into the chorus of our life…the chorus of a song is the part that we all sing along to. The part we all remember! So, each moment is strung together to create a larger time period in our life and these larger time periods become our life… but the moments are the notes that create the song and the song is our life. It is the beautiful moments that create a beautiful life. A life so beautiful others sing along with it and are inspired to find the song of their heart!

The universal ripple effect has been one of the most profound truths to affect my life.

Simple to understand yet challenging to implement…Drop a stone in the water and the ripple moves outwardly from the center to create larger circles. Everything moves outwardly from our center as well, and our center is our heart. It all begins with us, to create world peace we must create inner peace first, to find love in our life’s we must first love ourselves in our heart of hearts. And this love starts now, in this moment!

There is no delaying, there are no criteria, there is no learning, and nothing you have to do…Continue reading at InspireMeToday.com.

Barry is a Grammy award winning producer and spiritual sound healer.

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Photo Credit:Max Elman


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