Wisdom from Charly Emery

No matter what you’ve endured in life, you can “recycle” your experiences into tools and stepping stones that propel you forward faster and simultaneously bounce your baggage to the curb.

If you’ve ever felt consumed by your choices or challenges, I know how you feel. In my late teens I suffered two incidences of rape that left me emotionally scraping and crawling through a sea of shame and assumptions about what my life could then be. I left the college education I worked so hard to achieve and hid my secrets within a marriage while packing on an extra 50 pounds for almost seven years.

When our experiences confine us, we often define ourselves by default, which then dictates our lives. I’ve learned that it’s less about what happens to you in life, and more about what you decide about you and your life after it happens.

After losing my extra weight, my memories resurfaced revealing that virtually every aspect of my life was a lie. When I looked closely I saw that I’d built my life as someone else because I’d decided I could no longer be the person I wanted to be. Who do you give yourself permission to be, and why?…Continue reading at InspireMeToday.com.

Charly is a personal strategist and the author of Thank Goodness You Dumped His A**: Use Those Mr. Wrongs to Lead You Straight to Mr. Right.

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