6 True ‘Cliches’ That Really Do Apply to Life

If I can do it, you can do it. It’s true! So many of the cliches I have learnedare true. Don’t waste time beating yourself up all the time and focusing on your flaws or weaknesses, and/or being around people who do it for you (unfortunately, sometimes even better than you).

Know you are loved. Know you are magnificent. Know you are so very unique and special with unique talents and gifts to share with this world. Everyone has an interesting story to tell and wisdom to offer and special things to do in their lifetime.

Focus on your strengths, your capacity for love, developing your mind and body and educate yourself, educate yourself, educate yourself – especially about your fears! The more education and knowledge you can gain about what scares you or any negative beliefs or fears that you’re holding on to that is driving you, the more power you have over it and over your life. It becomes something that might still be difficult but not scary once you have knowledge, understanding and awareness of it.

Always pay attention, be listening – don’t let moments of revelation only come in moments of crisis when you are finally desperately ready to notice them! And when you have them, no matter how crazy they might seem or what anyone else may say or think,believe in them and in yourself.

Epiphanies, moments of revelation, are not random incidences and are unique to each individual even though they contain universal wisdom, so take action on them. Go for it, act, change, trust, and you will see… the world will absolutely conspire to support you and usually in the most serendipitous ways.

And finally,have fun and take moments to enjoy life – whatever that means to you. I believe we are here to get things done, to further our development, to help and serve others, to learn to love ourselves and others unconditionally and ENJOY this beautiful earth, these gorgeous, sensual bodies and have wonderful experiences – having fun and enjoying ourselves is also part of growing into deeper human beings and is important to the human condition.

All of us has different experiences, some much tougher than others, but none of us gets out of life unscathed to some degree – it’s how you handle those challenges and what you choose to do with your life circumstances that makes the difference of a life lived.

As a very wise woman once said to me, “Life is beautiful and it’s hard.” I love the simplicity of that and the absolute truth. Life is beautiful on so many levels but it can also be a very, very difficult ride and it’s quick, so very quick. So find and develop your strengths and gifts, you will find they serve others and energize you in the process. Believe in moments of revelation and believe in yourself. Take action in life. Love yourself and love and help others. Face and educate yourself about your fears. And enjoy yourself – revel in being alive and in the gloriousness of this planet and what life has to offer!

Elise Ballard is the author of Epiphany: True Stories of Sudden Insight and the creator of EpiphanyChannel.com. For more inspirational essays on remembering your magnificence, please visit InspireMeToday.com!


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Mmmm...possibly. I think the trick is being able to call these up and take them seriously in. the midst of some day-to-day "crisis" that drains one's energy and robs one of focus.

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those have to be the worst cliches i've heard

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