Wisdom from JD Messinger

There was a time when I thought that who I was was what I did. I thought that money made me happy and that life was a destination at station 401K. After I broke my neck and had to learn how to walk and talk and chew gum all over again, I realized that the Holy Grail of life was not something I could buy, sell or hold, contrary to whatever Wall Street or Madison Avenue would have me believe.

I now know that the Holy Grail is something I feel, and I call it love. I also learned that pain is the result of damaging my body, but suffering was an option created in my mind.

Along the journey I now refer to as The Way, I discovered that confidence was an act of thinking but courage was an act of doing. Without confidence I believed in nothing, but without courage I achieved little.

Although confidence was the precursor to courage, I needed both – confidence enabled me to care to dream and courage inspired me to dare to dream.

Yet caring to dream and daring to dream was insufficient; I had to fight for my dreams. As I fought, I prayed for courage and instead of finding courage, I discovered another devious aspect to reality. I realized that God doesn’t have pixie dust and She couldn’t make me courageous until I faced the dragons….Continue reading at InspireMeToday.com.

JD is a visionary and a modern renaissance man, having been a CEO, fireman, nuclear submarine officer, and radio/TV show creator, producer and host.

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Sarah n.
m G5 years ago

I didn'r like this final paragraph - it ruined it for me: "Finally, I discovered a religion called science, and a science called religion that were two sides of the same coin. I now believe that scientists are people of faith, we are all agents of God, and the sixth sense is more than a movie." All scientists are not people of faith and many create things that are only meant for monetary gain and are detrimental to the earth.

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