Wisdom from Joe Rubino

There is absolutely no reason for anyone to live a dimmed existence marked by resignation, suffering, struggle, scarcity, strained relationships, ineffective communication, and diminished self esteem.

When we can embrace life as a learning process that is full of exciting opportunities for us to learn, break though our stops and limitations, and experience new possibilities to become our best, we give up our right to be invalidated or disempowered. We know that the seeds of our growth lie in that difficult person, that challenging rela
So, not only does our relationship to problems and problematic people change, but we get to eagerly anticipate our next challenge and the great gift awaiting us to discover within it.tionship, and that problem that keeps us from effortlessly skating though life.

When we can learn to recognize our negative self talker and pick up on the emotional moods that run our lives, we now have the power to reinterpret life in a way that supports us. We can release our automatic responses marked by anger, sadness, or fear, and respond in a way that is a true reflection of the person we have decided to be….Continue reading at InspireMeToday.com.

Committed to elevating the self esteem of 50 million people, Joe is the founder of CenterForPersonalReinvention.com and a bestselling author.

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Bryna Pizzo
Bryna Pizzo4 years ago

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Claudette Colbert

Some people are just out and out abusive. What I learned from them is just to get away from them. You can't help them change. They don't want to. They enjoy being cruel. I don't find them challenging. I find them completely destructive. There is so much arrogance and bullying, corruption and deception going on in this world it makes life extremely trying. And when you get around so many people who won't let you be who you truly are it makes a person wonder where on this planet is there a better life.

Karen B.
Past Member 6 years ago

Jane B.
Loved the latter part beginning with . . . "after my divorce I dated a 23 year old . . .
Made my day, lol