Wisdom from John Garcia

When I personally set off to visualize a dream or a goal, I use the letters of my name, G.A.R.C.I.A. as a formula or guide to focus my vision in the area I am pursuing. You might try this with your name.

Go for it.

I visualize my goals. All I have to do is simply recall that as a young boy, I could barely speak English and my education was suffering, and that I worked under the blazing sun for 12-13 hours a day, as a laborer, for 40 cent an hour. I remember that I felt like I was in prison, and in a sense, my own mind was my prison. Although society kept telling me that I’d never amount to anything I kept dreaming. It was then that I told myself, go for it.

Act on your ideas.

Life was not giving me what I wanted. I knew that picking cucumbers and hoeing weeds was not my destiny. I had big ideas and dreams. “Most people fail because they settle for what life has given them, they stop trying.” You have the same sized brain as any successful person… use it….Continue reading at InspireMeToday.com.

John is a world renowned motivational speaker and author, who overcame adversity to find success.

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good article, thanks

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this may help from Yogananda:

"Success and divine abundance follow the law of service and generosity. Those who seek prosperity only for themselves are either bound to be poor for some time, or to suffer from mental inharmony. But those who think of others and work for group prosperity find that cosmic forces support and guide them in their efforts to achieve success. The law of magnetism works in their favor."


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