Wisdom from Louis Lautman

People become entrepreneurs for many different reasons, some to do what they love, others to help serve people and others just to pay their bills or even live the lifestyle of their dreams. Regardless of the reason you may want to start your own business, you must realize that successful entrepreneurs are really artists.

When a painter begins their masterpiece, they are looking at a blank slate. When a sculptor begins their masterpiece, they are looking at a lump of clay. What separates the master painter and master sculptor from the rest of the crowd is that they see opportunity from that blank slate or lump of clay.

When an entrepreneur envisions their masterpiece, they are looking at nothing other than opportunity. That is the same opportunity that the master painter or sculptor sees.

It takes a true artist to see something out of nothing and an even greater artist to begin the process to sculpt the situation to match that which they envision. Sometimes no one can see what you see and sometimes people may even tell you that you are crazy for thinking you can see some kind of opportunity.

Well, you may be crazy, or maybe you are just crazy enough to believe what you see is possible….Continue reading at InspireMeToday.com.

Louis Lautman is a transformational artist and lifestyle designer.

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Dolly Navina L5 years ago


Donna Hamilton
Donna Hamilton5 years ago

Thanks for posting.

bharathi A.
bharathi A5 years ago

Thank you.

Eternal Gardener
Eternal G6 years ago

Thank you.

Siobhan James
Siobhan James6 years ago

We all have the energy to embrace opportunities, belief is also key to attain these dreams.

Alexandra Rodda
Alexandra Rodda6 years ago

Opportunities are all around us. It's just picking the right one that may be difficult.

Mary B.
Mary B6 years ago

I'm grateful for all the people who work the low wage jobs because somebody has to do them.I think it's long past due time that those jobs should pay a liveing wage no matter how simple they are. People need enough to live on and the kind of job they have has nothing to do with it. Claiming they would have no reason to 'better themselves' is they were paid enough to live on is out dated BS. Some people are just more open to the flow of creative energy than others, but no matter how creative and hard working you are, it still takes all those underpaid workers doing the often thankless jobs who keep the world of human design running.

Winn Adams
Winn A6 years ago


jerry coleman
jerry coleman6 years ago

It is good to be your own boss but hopefully it is for the right reasons and you are able to deal fairly with your workers

Donna Hamilton
Donna Hamilton6 years ago

Nothing beats being your own boss.