Finding Peace In Daily Life

The awareness that has shifted my life the most is my ability to feel present in what I am doing in each moment.

I have had a lot of experience, like all of us, yet knowing that I am here right now, this second, is the key to my finding joy and a sense of peace. It is not always the easiest road and I remind myself daily that being present is a state of fluidity and motion… there is no stasis.

In this way I remember that a state of peace is always alive inside of me. I breathe and connect to my body in a way that enables me to find “me” at a deep level.

It used to be that I was in a constant state of worry. I lived fearing I would miss something or get my life wrong.

What I love about being in my late forties, being single and being aware is that I no longer live thinking about what has happened in the past or worrying about what may or may not happen in the future. I savor being alive in this moment.

I have even learned to embrace my challenges as my gifts and guides. Life is not always easy yet I know that with my challenges come my most exquisite lessons. I realize now that in life energy always shifts and peace is always my natural state of being. With my perceived hardships comes an awareness and deeper understanding of me, hence I can feel the beauty of when life feels difficult for me.

My connection to the Divine is what moves me. By allowing myself the space to feel “what is” has made me feel more connected to that which is “bigger than me.”

My most cherished moments are when I feel my connection tothe Divine and that comes in many shapes, colors and sensations. For me my teacher has always been my bodyas it moves in harmony with nature. Where I feel myself most is when I am outdoors hiking, doing yoga in the yard or working in my garden… I feel the breeze on my skin and the sun warming my back and I smell the delicate array of nature’s natural gifts, like orange blossoms, jasmine or a freshly picked strawberry, and I know that there is something so much bigger than me orchestrating my life.

I am a feeler, or better said, I am empathic. I have learned through movement and breath a connection to my body and when I feel, my awareness becomes my guide. Healthy food, sacred space and living in tune with nature are keys for me to find peace of mind, body and spirit.

What I like to share with people is my love of “what is.” I neither make it wrong nor glorify it. To be at peace with “what is” is a gift and I have learned over time. I love to introduce the sacredness of nature, food and movement -even adventure – as tools to accept “what is” no matter what that might be. I would love for others to know the beauty of being present in their own bodies and that by creating that awareness inside is how one can deeply feel the joy of being alive.

Mariel Hemingway is an actress, a spokesperson for Spiritual Cinema Circle, health, well-being, and the environment, and the author of Mariel’s Kitchen. For more inspirational essays on being present and living in the moment, please come to


Graziella Veri
Graziella Veri3 years ago

noted,liked and shared.Thanks

Holli DuShane
Holli DuShane3 years ago

Very good advice. Live in the now, enjoying every moment.

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Vicki Brooker
Vicki Brooker3 years ago

Thank you for this. I have come to the same realizations. In my case, what was one of the most painful experiences of my life is what drove me to looking at my life in a different way and thus, it became one of the biggest blessings of my life. .... I was so tuned into everything outside of me for so long ... now i keep a rock in my pocket (something from "outside") to remind me that all the answers I will ever need are INSIDE me.

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Meghan Nelson3 years ago

I love this

Brigitte S.
Brigitte S.3 years ago

Thank you, very inspiring!

ERIKA S3 years ago

noted,thank you