Wisdom from Mary Magdalen

What if Mary Magdalen had been a fiery Celtic lass, raised by eight warrior witches on a magical Isle of Women, who met Jesus at Druid School during his supposed “lost” years? What if she was passionate, shameless, and unrepentant, Jesusís lover, wife, and equal rather than his disciple–an embodiment of the Divine Feminine with the fire of healing running through her veins? In this marvelous book by novelist Elizabeth Cunningham, thatís just what she is–and more.

If your interest in Mary M. was whetted by The Da Vinci Code, you’ll love the freshness of this Mary Magdalenís feisty wisdom. Read a sample here:

Maybe you are relieved to know that I was forced into prostitution. Sold. No choice. Some people insist there is no evidence that I was a whore at all; they are eager to save my reputation–which implies that they think there is something wrong with being a whore. It is true that his official chroniclers never called me a whore, just a crazy bitch or in polite language “a woman infested with seven demons.” (Weíll get to that part later.) Everyone seems to agree that I was saved, cleansed by his healing (asexual) touch, and that I went on to become an important, if unacknowledged disciple.

There is more to the story or I wouldnít be telling it. And I hope you will discover, if you donít already know, the difference between a stereotype and an archetype. Stereotypes are flat, one dimensional, like the donkey you blindly pin the tail on. Archetypes are rich, lush, juicy. Sometimes they go underground, submerge in must and myth, like the Loch Ness Monster. But I am here to tell you:

You canít keep a good archetype down.

Adapted from The Passion of Mary Magdalen, by Elizabeth Cunningham (Monkfish Book Publishing Company, 2006). Copyright (c) 2006 by Elizabeth Cunningham. Reprinted by permission of Monkfish Book Publishing Company.
Adapted from The Passion of Mary Magdalen, by Elizabeth Cunningham (Monkfish Book Publishing Company, 2006).


Robert O.
Robert O6 years ago

Thanks Annie.

Camilla Vaga
Camilla Vaga7 years ago

I dislike that She seem to be submessive to Jesus, Women and Goddesses shouldnt be submessive towards men or gods.

Kari Blackmore
Kari Blackmore8 years ago

no where in the bible did it say that Mary Magdalen was a prostitute! That is just made up and untrue.