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Today many people find life stressful, as they look for security and lasting happiness in a world that’s changing rapidly. So where could you possibly find happiness that lasts? Perhaps in the last place you would think to look.

After all, do you know how difficult it is to get happiness from things in the world? OK, let’s see how many moving parts have to come together in order to get the happiness that you want. Here’s an example. If my new car crashes as I pull out of the dealer’s lot, then my happiness will quickly turn into misery. Or if the car breaks down in a week and becomes a lemon, then the thing that was the source of my happiness becomes the source of my sorrow.

But let’s say the car remains in good condition, does that guarantee happiness? No, I have to retain the ability to drive it, don’t I? If I lose my driver’s license or my sight, I will no longer be able to drive this car. Then the thing that caused my happiness will lose its luster.

And then to top it off, even if my car remains in good condition, and I retain the capacity to drive it, my mind can change. If while driving my new car down the road I ruminate on my problems at work, I may think, “Darn, I wish I could be happier.” So how many moving parts have to line up for happiness: the object, your ability to enjoy it, and your mind. I think you’ll agree that’s too many parts….Continuereading at InspireMeToday.com.

Michael is an author and an expert on meditation.

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Morgan Hartman
Morgan H5 years ago


Elisabeth T.
Elisabeth T5 years ago

Very nice, thank you..

Zee K.
Helen Porter5 years ago

The other day, my daughter asked me, "Mom, are you happy? Are you really happy?"
I had to assure her that I am and that is truth.

I have a little more than I need but I don't have to waste my time trying to get rich. I'm 70. I'd only have a few fast fleeting days to enjoy it. I've assured my daughter, if I ever win a lottery,
the money is hers. I'm too busy with the important things....... all spelled out....OTHERS!

Without a care about care, turning it all over to my Creator who will someday welcome me into his open arms, I enjoy the stream of miracles ever flowing from his throne and on through my life to sacred others. Some of these miracles set me to laughing. Like a couple days ago. I have a tendency to lose things....got a good excuse, I'm 70. Always they show up safe and soon. Wednesday, I walked next door to Frys. Coming home again, I noticed my billfold was GONE!!! with my wallet and my credit card. Creator, I know you will help me. I know you will return to me the wallet. That trip to get a new ID...I've got more important things to do like Care2 petitions! I love you. I love you. You are my God and I love you." A few feet from my door, the billfold sudden fell at my feet

Together we laugh, my Creator and I.

Zee K.
Helen Porter5 years ago

When we chase happiness, she runs swiftly away on the lightest of feet, toes touching clouds.

When we ignore the personal enticements of lady happiness and entertain ourselves with concerns, whether desired or real, for the happiness of our fellow travelers, this delightful nymph swirls about and chases us.

hear the laughter

Carol Crunkhorn
Caroline Burton5 years ago

I often find life extremely stressful because of the enormous weight of suffering we cause to animals in the world. There is not a lot I can do to ease this suffering and not a lot I can do to ease the stress I feel, for no amount of ignoring it seems to help!

Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.
Aldous Huxley

Marianne B.
Marianne B5 years ago

I thought this article was a good analogy

Dianne L.
Dianne L5 years ago

Happiness is what you believe will make you happy. Your wishes fulfilled. However, it only last until you begin to want something else or wish for. Material things can be wished for but they do not give everlasting happiness. Helping someone or something can create an everlasting happiness when seeing the positive change that occurred in a life. Such as school desks for school children in Africa, cell phones for villages in Asia, sewing machines in Indonesia or children's books in South/Central America.

Emma Rose
Emma Rose5 years ago

Happiness is choosing wisely and not put yourself in predicament.....HAPPINESS is having GOOD LUCK!

Emma Rose
Emma Rose5 years ago

so much for buying a car....so before you buy a car decide if you can afford it and how much time of your life to pay for that then decide if the car is worthit....as soon as you drive that car it can make you happy and miserable at the same time....that is why when I buy things I buy things that we can afford ..YES DOLLAR STORE BABY! this way I won't be mesirable thinking how am I going to pay for something we cannot afford....!Everything we do in life has consequences that can affect your happiness so choose wisely before you jump!Materials no matter how luster it will get rusty in the end...... I am happy being half beggar!

John B.
John B5 years ago

Thanks for sharing Gail.