Wisdom from Roxanne Emmerich

My greatest brilliance is my fierce commitment to transform the workplace into a place where everyone lives a “Thank God It’s Monday” spirit-a spirit in which fun, and the joy of creating massive results that matter, feeds the soul of each contributor.

Most workplaces resemble adult day care. Gossip, resentments, jealousy, whining, victimhood, and excuses all manifest into a soulless environment in which wounded players spend each day doing their “job description” while failing to understand the massive contribution they could be making through their work. Worse yet, they fail to grasp the great self-healing they could have if only they would step up and bring their higher selves to work.

“Experts” have long claimed that it takes at least two years to create a great workplace culture. I don’t believe that for a second. For almost two decades I’ve been teaching a process that creates the transformation within one day and STICKS. When a mindset shifts, results are immediate.

Here’s an example. One large community bank in Tennessee had no real growth for ten years except through acquisition. They were struggling to remain profitable. They had tried everything: consultants, strategic planning, sales training…the list goes on….Continue reading at InspireMeToday.com.

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Winn Adams
Winn A5 years ago


Doug B.
Doug B.5 years ago


You and I function within similar fields and passions - helping people primarily. Just posted this thought and seemed to be a fit here as well:

Maybe at work, maybe in school, maybe at church, anywhere - we find ourselves struggling to get along with others. It is inevitable because others are flawed, ...just like you and me.

Next time you are in that situation, cut them some slack - they probably have come from dysfunction in their lives ...just like you and me.

It is a challenge more and more as time moves along, that family & society become a worse & worse model for all of us. That person we are struggling with has likely had those bad models, ..just like you and me.

Playing together, working together, arguing together (w/out coming out as enemies), communicating with others, etc - these are interpersonal life skills & dynamics that most of us just do not necessarily possess anymore.

We did not get all that stuff at home, within our families, in the classroom, in past work experiences, etc?! So where do assume people should get this stuff these days? We are all different anyway and then you throw in lifelong dysfunction that so many have come from...

On top of all that, time has moved along, & we now have people in Leadership & Management roles that also never learned interpersonal, life or team-skills at home; and they are the ones to be leading & teaching others, yikes!

Well anyway, this is not

Geneva Fowler
Geneva Fowler5 years ago

We need it more and more in these last in evil days. God bless you.

aj M.
aj E5 years ago


Kristine Huff
Kristine H5 years ago

The workplace. I work in an environment that has a lot of negativity in it. Back stabbing, blaming others for mistakes and general unhappiness. I on the other hand go in each day with a smile and a positive attitude and it shows. Being in the service industry I often receive compliments on my sunny disposition which in turn makes me even happier. Somedays I think my coworkers hate me for being so nice:)