Wisdom from Sharon Chang

Giving me 500 words with which to inspire people about living well is sort of like giving a child $500 to spend in a toy store. Where to begin?

Let’s start with your first job: learning. Your earliest learning is informal, becoming more structured when school begins. All of your learning, though, helps you to grow. The first step in living well is to do everything you can–formally, informally, and lifelong–to extract from all of this learning not just job training that makes you functional in a certain role, but an education.

Educate yourself to become a whole person. Learn to read, write, speak and understand at least your native language, and the language of the country in which you live, well. It’s your lifeline, your means of communication. Learn the cultural references that demonstrate your interest in the world around you.

Take a course in basic logic and learn to distinguish sense from nonsense; learn about the teachings of ancient and modern philosophers. Learn to think. Then take that learning out of the classroom and carry it with you wherever you go. Never use it to lord it over others, but never dumb yourself down for fear of not “fitting in” somewhere where you used to be….Continue reading at InspireMeToday.com.

Sharon is the author of Escaped Alone, a memoir to be released in 2013.

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Sharon C.
Sharon C.6 years ago

Judy S. is right--all you need is your Bible and Jesus, and that's the BEGINNING of wisdom. And in that same Bible, we're told in the very words of Jesus how God expects us to continue developing that gift of wisdom--as well as all of the other gifts He has entrusted to us.

It's found in Matthew 25: 14-40, and it's familiarly known as the Parable of the Talents.

Loo Samantha
Loo sam6 years ago


Lauren Weinstock
Lauren Weinstock6 years ago

First, read the whole article, it's worth your time. Second to Judy S.; your comment is your opinion, and if you choose to limit yourself that's your choice, but to recommend to others to limit their learning? I absolutely cannot understand you/your choice.
What our world needs is people who are willing to learn what they don't know, to take risks, to venture, to explore, to dream and to create.
Last, I agree with Sharon about language. How we name and label, how we praise and admonish, how we forget to use our communication skills when we most need to use them. Keep writing Sharon Chang!

Cat S.
cathie S6 years ago

Thank you

Birgit W.
Birgit W6 years ago

Thank you

Anne Moran
Anne Moran6 years ago


Debbie Williamson
Solitary Eagle6 years ago

Thank you.

Nicole W.
Nicole W6 years ago

thank you

Judy S.
Judy S6 years ago

All you need is your Bible and Jesus. Wisdom come's from The Lord. TO fear the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

Chrissie H.
Chrissie H6 years ago

Your inspirational words of wisdom are very thought provoking Sharon. Thank you .x.