Wisdom from Sheila Hageman

True bliss is finding happiness in the moment, in what is. Doing whatever you love in life will bring that happy moment, but first you must figure out what that thing is that’s most important to your happiness. And to figure it out takes self-reflection. That’s where practice and process needs to happen. Every day.

I recommend some practice that makes you pause and look within you like yoga, journaling, mediation or prayer. Whatever you call it. But you must stop consciously every day and do it.

This is all it takes. Consistency. Devotion.

The biggest discovery you will make is that having what you “desire” will not make you happy. Happiness really does come from inside you, from living your joy in life. You have to be in control of your mind. Do not follow what you desire–instead follow your intuition of what your joy is.

Make your mantra–I do not want what I desire. This is not where happiness is found. When you feel yourself desiring something, the quicker you can let it go, the better. The sooner you’ll get a rush of bliss.

Realize that you are not the one doing the desiring. It’s the mind. And you are not the mind. You lie behind the mind….Continue reading at InspireMeToday.com.

Sheila is a mother of three, a blogger, a teacher, and the author of Stripping Down: A Memoir.

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Hanna Sjoberg
Hanna Sjöberg5 years ago

Thank you; these were wise words ...

Marianne B.
Marianne B5 years ago

Good and thought provoking article. thansk

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Deborah F5 years ago


Jennifer C.
Past Member 5 years ago

Great article. Thank you.

Rosie Jolliffe
Rosie Lopez5 years ago

great article thank u!!

Sue H.
Sue H5 years ago

OK then, I do not want what I desire.