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We are giving away a copy of Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering the Art of Manifesting by Dr. Wayne Dyer. Check out this excerpt and don’t forget to leave a comment for your chance to win the book!

“Health, wealth, beauty, and genius are not created; they are only manifested by the arrangement of your mind—that is, by your concept of yourself, and your concept of yourself is all that you accept and consent to as true.” —Neville

There’s a level of awareness available to you that you are probably unfamiliar with. It extends upward and transcends the ordinary level of consciousness that you’re most accustomed to. At this higher plane of existence, which you and every human being who has ever lived can access at will, the fulfillment of wishes is not only probable—it is guaranteed. This chapter is simply a preparation for entering into that realm wherein you have much more say over what comes into your life than you might have envisioned.

After 18 months in relative seclusion, studying, meditating, and literally experiencing what it’s like to live in this miraculous plane of existence beyond anything that might be labeled “ordinary” or “normal,” I’ve undertaken this joyous task of writing about having wishes fulfilled. I’ve seen firsthand how virtually every wish or desire I’ve placed my attention on has transformed from a mental thought into an objective fact.

However, I’m not proposing memorizing an esoteric formula leading to a theoretical nirvana. My emphasis throughout this book is that manifestation is real and that it occurs when you make a specific decision to change your mind about who you are and what is possible for you to achieve within these parentheses in eternity called your life.

I’m inviting you to be receptive to a radical new idea about yourself. It’s radical because ever since you left your mother’s womb, you’ve been subjected to cultural conditioning designed to help you be content with living a “normal life” at the level of ordinary consciousness, which generally means accepting whatever life hands you. In many ways you’ve been programmed to believe that you do not possess the wisdom or ability to manifest the fulfillment of your wishes and desires.

I am saying as clearly as I know how to say it in these opening pages: There’s a plane of awareness that you can opt to live at, wherein you can, if you are willing to change your concept of yourself as an ordinary being, find yourself fulfilling any and all wishes that you have for yourself. Throughout this book I’ll explore with you what I’ve studied, learned, internalized, practiced, and, yes, lived regarding the powers of manifestation. It begins with changing your concept of yourself.

I would like to offer a few words on these two concepts of ordinary and extraordinary.

Ordinary is, well, so ordinary. It means that you do all of the things that your culture and your family have programmed you to do. It implies that you fit in, study hard, follow the rules, take care of your obligations, fill out the forms, pay your taxes, get a job, and do what every law-abiding citizen does; and then you retire, play with your grandchildren, and then you die. I want to emphasize that there is absolutely nothing wrong with this scenario—it is perfectly fine—but if it were completely acceptable for you, you wouldn’t be reading this book.

Extraordinary encompasses most of ordinary, since we all live in the same physical world. There will be forms to fill out, rules that demand our obedience, bills to pay, and family obligations to attend to. But extraordinary consciousness is associated with your soul, that invisible, boundaryless energy that looks out from behind your eyeballs and has very different interests than your ordinary self does. The ideal of your soul, the thing that it yearns for, is not more knowledge. It is not interested in comparison, nor winning, nor light, nor ownership, nor even happiness. The ideal of your soul is space, expansion, and immensity, and the one thing it needs more than anything else is to be free to expand, to reach out and to embrace the infinite. Why? Because your soul is infinity itself. It has no restrictions or limitations—it resists being fenced in—and when you attempt to contain it with rules and obligations, it is miserable.

Your invisible self is extraordinary because it is a fragment of the universal soul, which is infinite. The part of you that knows you have greatness, and is stirred by the idea of you expanding and removing any and all limitations, is what I am addressing here in Wishes Fulfilled. This is your new self-concept, one that is inspired by your soul.

The above excerpt is taken from the book Wishes Fulfilled by Dr. Wayne Dyer.  It is published by Hay House (Available Mar. 1, 2012) and available at all bookstores or online at: www.hayhouse.com.

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For an in-depth look at Dr. Dyer and Wishes Fulfilled, check out his upcoming interview with Oprah Winfrey entitled ‘Living with Grace’, which will air on “Super Soul Sunday” this Sunday, March 25 at 11 a.m. ET/PT (check your local listings) on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network.


Gloria Fitchett

good idea-hope i win

Samantha C.
Samantha C5 years ago

I'm all for any advice that makes people feel positive about themselves, their enviroment and others. I know many, many years ago, I was a very negative person. I was often left depressed and even hostile towards myself, life and others. It's not a cliche but it is true that you can turn your outlook around by something as simple as having a positive thought. Just finding one good thing to say about your day and then focusing on how it makes you feel can start to change your outlook. I still have days where I do feel negative, but I know that it's not all bad cause there are good days ahead to come.

yana dimitrova
yana dimitrova6 years ago

I would like to give a testimony about the Rapture. Dear friends, today is 4/4/2012 and I just had a dream from Jesus The Christ. Dear friends- IT IS TIME TO REPENT!!! It is NOT MUCH TIME LEFT! It is hard to express the intensity and the urgency of the call, but is literally one of the last calls! Love to ALL people of the World from Bulgaria. Blessings.

Catherine W.
Catherine W.6 years ago

The last ten years have been so hard with a bitter divorce and a child with a life threatening illness. I need to empower myself and my family. Feeling quite empty right now.

Linda P.
Linda P.6 years ago

I would like to learn how to get in touch with my Spiritual side. Where do I begin? And particularly how to meditate.

Randy Erickson
Randy Erickson6 years ago

Wishful thinking, hmmmm. Who hasn't wished for something somewhere along the line? We have a tendency to wish for what we "want" instead of what we 'need", what would be good for us, what would help us grow. Me? Guilty, guilty, guilty!

Bridget Dooley
Bridget D6 years ago

Change your thoughts to change your world and fulfill your wishes.

Valerie R.
Valerie R6 years ago

This sounds interesting.

Joe M.
Joe M.6 years ago

I have several of Dr. Dyer's books, and am sure that his new book is full of self-help guidance and inspiration.

Millie A.
Millie A.6 years ago

I love listening to Dr. Wayne Dyer.. He is wonderful and I cant wait to read his book. What he says makes sense and I believe is very true. Thanks Dr. Dyer