Wooly Mammoth Could Live Again

A team of scientists from Japan is heading to Russia to find frozen Wooly Mammoth cells. They want the cells to use in a cloning experiment to see if they can grow a mammoth from cell to whole live animal. If the scientists can either find an intact mammoth cell in Siberia, or from a Russian research lab, and prepare it for healthy growth, the plan is to implant it in an African elephant egg, and then grow the embryo. Once a healthy embryo is created, it will be inserted into an elephant womb for gestation. Such attempts have been made, but failed because the cells were damaged by ice.

“If a cloned embryo can be created, we need to discuss, before transplanting it into the womb, how to breed [the mammoth] and whether to display it to the public. After the mammoth is born, we’ll examine its ecology and genes to study why the species became extinct and other factors,” said researcher Akira Iritani. Researchers from Kinki University began studying the possibility of mammoth resurrection in 1997. The best preserved frozen mammoth remains are located in Siberia. If the cloning and gestation project are successful, the researchers say a wooly mammoth could be living in about four years. The same researchers already successfully cloned a mouse from mouse cells that had been frozen for sixteen years. (Source: tgdaily.com)

Wooly mammoths were about the same height as modern African elephants, with some very obvious differences such as their shaggy fur coats, different tusks, and much smaller ears. The last mammoths lived about 8,000 B.C., before climate change and human hunting caused them to go extinct. They are more closely related to Asian elephants on a genetic level. Lets hope if wooly mammoths can be rejuvenated, climate change and hunting don’t wipe them out again.

Image Credit: Tracy O

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Interesting, thank you.

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If we are killing animals and nature wherever we are then there is no place for mammoths...

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Another Jurassic Park? Or rather pre-Ice Age park?

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why do old topics get shown again? I don't read comments to see if I posted before"..........Good question, Colleen! I've noticed many very, VERY old and obviously resurrected discussions in Care.2. Sometimes they show up as links at the bottom of other articles because they are "similar" (related). Other times, the authors re-write with a new SUBJECT, and I have to think it's just a slow day for whatever in Care.2, and they need the attention. I've read that they get money for every "hit"or comment in the article, so no matter how asinine or ridiculous the article, the more people comment, they more they get paid. Maybe that's not true, but ever wonder why some of the writers who keep writing about let's say, being vegan over and over again keep it up? One other article is now somewhat active AGAIN and it was written well over a year ago. No activity for 9 months and then WHAM. Half the time, if it's actually a news story, the thing being written about is so old, it's already OVER WITH. There is one about a Pitbull PTS in Detroit and people are still commenting and the dog was PTS 3 months ago. Why post about "saving" it? Not going to happen, is it?

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why do old topics get shown again? I don't read comments to see if I posted before.

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so, what would it eat? it wasn't all "man's fault" they went extinct. a magical little thing called "global warming" helped end the iceage.

would it's hair and blubber overheat the animal? if's mean to have Elephants in New York, it would be cruel to have Mammoths in Florida.

Jolyne Remy
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Strange. Humans are killing the wildlife everywhere on the planet and they are now trying to clone wooly mammoths with african elephants.
What is this new madness ?
Better keeping alive our wildlife and stop playing Gods.