Workers’ Prayer

It is the season of abundance, but how many of us give much thought to the people who grow and harvest the food that sustains us? This powerful prayer is a call to action for justice and world change, not just for farm workers, but for workers everywhere. If you work, or know a worker, this prayer will speak to you.

Workers’ Prayer

Show me the suffering of the most miserable, so I may know my people’s plight.
Free me to pray for others, for you are present in every person.
Help me to take responsibility for my own life, so that I can be free at last.
Grant me courage to serve others, for in service there is true life.
Give me honesty and patience, so that I can work with other workers.
Bring forth song and celebration, so that the Spirit will be alive among us.
Let the Spirit flourish and grow, so that we will never tire of the struggle.
Let us remember those who have died for justice, for they have given us life.
Help us love even those who hate us, so we can change the world.

From the National Farm Worker Ministry Site


J.L. A.
JL A6 years ago

good reminder

Masha Samoilova
Past Member 6 years ago

thanks, nice

Robert O.
Robert O6 years ago

Good prayer. Very much needed.

Sonia S.
Sonia Sakater7 years ago

Very important.

Marlyn Vega
Marlyn Vega7 years ago


Jos� Mar�a Olmos Sant

That prayer is very beautiful.

Carlo M.
Carlo M10 years ago

This prayer realy got into my heart. Is simply beautiful. Carlo

Peggy Lloyd
Peggy Lloyd10 years ago

That is beautiful, we all need to take that prayer to heart. What a wonderful world it would br if we lived like this.

Debi Bradley
Debi Bradley10 years ago

WOW - that says it all! Debi B

Suzy Brooks
Suzy Brooks10 years ago

I love this prayer.I felt that it permeated my soul,with its directness and truth. Pure and empowering. Challenging whether I really put my beliefs into action.A good reminder and wake-up call.Thank you and Blessings to every living soul !Suzy B.