World Wide Web Powered by Green Energy?

A project in Canada called the GreenStar Network seeks to power information technology infrastructure from renewable sources with the overall goal of creating a carbon-free network. Currently information technology uses less than 10 percent of the world’s energy, but that number could rise to 20 percent sometime in the near future. A green IT consultant said that most of the current energy used by information technology is from coal-fired power plants.

The Greenstar Network would use renewable sources like solar, wind and hydroelectric. Energy storage is an issue with renewables, due to fluctuations in power generation from weather changes. However their experimental network would be designed to move energy wherever there is demand, essentially plugging holes in energy consumption in real time. Also a portion of the web servers would be powered by hydroelectric, which is constant.

The Canadian project is starting small, but they hope their research yields insights that generate future growth. An owner of a company in Canada already running green web servers says he can envision Canada having more than 30 percent of the world’s web hosting businesses.

In more clean energy and technology news, Google recently announced a venture into wind power, because they want to be a carbon-neutral company. As was reported, they can save money by investing in the clean technology to generate power to run their data centers.

Image Credit: Christian Wagner


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great initiative!

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(3) Solar, Wind, & Hydro-electric
@ least 2 of the 3 were used by past generations as power sources. Makes me wonder if our hydro-electric energy sources are being tapped to potential capacity. Sun wind water = forces of nature. Can't get any greener than that!

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This is one of Canada's greates idea since it promotes green healthy living for the sake of upcoming generations.

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WOW, this is cool.

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