World’s Top 10 Deadliest Animals

Some of the animals on this list are pretty obvious, but #1 on this list of the world’s deadliest animals might surprise you!

Top 10 Deadliest Animals in the World

10. Grizzly BearGrizzlies actually try to avoid humans, but if you encounter one use extreme caution. These bears can climb trees, and they’re responsible for around 90 deaths a year.

9. Box Jellyfish – The poisonous sting of this Australian jellyfish kills 100 people every year.

8. Great White Shark – Great whites and box jellyfish are really a tie at about 100 annual deaths.

7. Cape BuffaloA relative of the cow, African Cape Buffalo kill over 200 people every year.

6. African Lion – This big cat causes around 250 deaths each year.

5. Elephant - Elephants cause around 500 deaths per year.

4. Crocodile – Crocs are the cause of about 800 yearly deaths.

3. HippopotamusCartoon hippos are cute, but out in the wild, they are not huggable creatures. Hippos kill around 2,900 people annually.

2. Snakes – All told, poisonous snakes kill around 20,000 people each year. This one wasn’t listed on the graphic, so I found some numbers via Science Daily.

And the #1 deadliest animal in the world?


Worlds Deadliest Animals: Mosquito

The tiniest animal on this list is also the deadliest.

1. Mosquito – That’s right! because they can carry so many deadly diseases, mosquitoes clock in at #1, killing an estimated one million people every year.

What I found interesting about this list was that while these may be the deadliest animals to humans, many of these animals are on the endangered species list. At first glance the take-away from this list is that nature is brutal, but I think the real lesson here is that humans are really the deadliest animals out there.

What did you think about this list? Were any of the deadliest animals on here a surprise to you?

Does this list have you a little bit freaked out? Check out some of these cute animals to balance things out:

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