Yellow Leaf: Hammocks that Heal

No picture of paradise is complete without a hammock.

For the Mlabri tribe in Thailand, however, the hammock is an especially integral figure in their picture of paradise.

For a community that has been devastated by deforestation and guerrilla warfare since the 1970s, the hammock is a potential vehicle to secure civil rights, sustain land use and achieve financial security.

That’s at least the hope for Iosef “Joe” Demin, founder of Yellow Leaf Hammocks. Joe’s Yellow Leaf story starts in Thailand when he came across a hammock in the jungle of Ko Lanta while traveling on the island. The encounter, he explains, was “love at first swing.”

This kitty demonstrates the level of comfort found in a Yellow Leaf hammock

He then was lead to the creators of the hammocks — members of the Mlabri tribe — who eventually explained their history and current economic and environmental struggle. Without a large demand for their hammocks, they resort to toxic slash and burn methods of subsidence farming.

Joe wanted to explore opportunities to help out the disenfranchised community and to help create a larger demand for their craft. He started Yellow Leaf with a hope to create a sustainable micro-economy that lifts the Mlabri tribe out of poverty, maintains their cultural identity, and eradicates their dependency on toxic farming methods.

Most importantly, Joe’s vision is holistic: In addition to enabling economic health, environmental stewardship, and cultural preservation, hammocks provide comfort, relaxation, and social awareness to the consumer.

For more information on Yellow Leaf hammocks and Joe’s story, click here.

Credit Image: Yellow Leaf Hammocks via Flickr

Check out Yellow Leaf Hammocks’ initiative on Kickstarter.


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Dale Overall

Marvellous, a fabulous and interesting article. So very colourful and relaxing. A splendid and positive uplifting story.

Loesje vB
Loesje Najoan6 years ago

Love to see Yellow Leaf Hammocks founder by “Joe” Demin. Hope your contributing create a better economie for the people of the Mlabri tribe. Thank you Megan.

Joe D.
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Oh, WOW ..isn't this great ...I'm ready!

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Thanks for this! I love hammocks! We have lots of trees in the country several hammocks too!
@Siti Rohana,you know there are the hammocks with sort of "own stand" sort of feet?? They take lots of room,but outside,if you don't have the trees....

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.6 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

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the disappointing moment when the method of hanging the hammock break on you....yea its happened to me XD

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very interesting. thanks.