Yet Another Reason to Eat More Blueberries

Blueberries are truly amazing. For one, they’re one of the most nutritious berries on the planet. They’re super dense in fiber, antioxidants, and nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin K and manganese. But that’s just the beginning.

Eating blueberries comes with a host a impressive health benefits. They reduce bodily inflammation and can reduce exercise-induced muscle damage. They help the body fight free radicals and premature aging. They can help lower blood pressure. They can help prevent UTIs. They may help with insulin sensitivity and glucose production. They support brain function and reduce cognitive decline.

They are a true super berry. And believe it or not, the list still doesn’t end there.

How Blueberries Protect Your Heart

Thanks to new research, we now know that blueberries are excellent for heart health, too. According to a recent study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, blueberries harbor powerful cardio-protective potential.

The randomized, double-blind study followed 115 adults (ages 50 to 75) who were all at high risk for cardiovascular disease. The study was simple. One third of the group ate a cup of freeze dried blueberries a day. One third ate half a cup. And one third consumed a similar-looking placebo.

That’s it, no lifestyle changes or anything, just blueberries for six months.

Fresh blueberrys on the branch on a blueberry field farm.

The results were utterly fascinating. The group who consumed the most blueberries experienced reduced stiffness in their arteries, higher levels of HDL cholesterol (which is beneficial), increased levels of specific substance that improves blood flow and relaxes smooth muscle tissue (like the heart), and increased levels of anthocyanins—the antioxidant responsible for putting the ‘blue’ in blueberries.

Yes, all from simply consuming one cup of blueberries every day. Even better: consuming blueberries had no adverse effect on insulin levels or blood pressure. They were purely a benefit.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in America for both men and women, and something as simple as adding blueberries to our diets could make a massive difference.

The study authors estimated that consuming one cup of blueberries daily could potentially reduce the risk of heart disease by 11.4 to 14.5 percent. Additionally, they believe that the same amount of blueberries could reduce the chance of suffering from any sort of cardiac event by 13 percent! And it’s a simple habit to adopt. Buy a big bag of frozen organic blueberries and load them into your daily smoothie.

Blueberries are expensive, you say? Think of it as a (very delicious) whole food supplement to support your long-term health. Nature makes the best preventative medicine.

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