You Have Got To See These Pumpkins! (with video)

Halloween amps up creativity on so many levels – the costumes, the parties, the decorations and the pumpkins!

With their sinuous stems and richly textured orange-colored flesh, pumpkins offer Halloween carving enthusiasts a fabulous canvas to create art. Have you ever tried your hand at pumpkin carving? Well, you’re about to find out that there are carved pumpkins, and then there are Ray Villafane’s extremely outrageous carved pumpkins. Artist, Villafane is hands down, the best pumpkin carver in the world.

I almost dropped my laptop when my friend posted this collection of amazing pumpkins on facebook. Pumpkin carver, Villafane explains how he works his truly scary magic. and he offers up some tips for creating pumpkins. Here are some of the highlights from his tutorial:

“If you want to make [carve] a good pumpkin you have to push the limits…when strolling through a pumpkin patch, stay on high alert for thick pumpkins. Of course, you can’t actually tell how thick a pumpkin is until you cut into it, but as a general rule, thick pumpkins are heavy pumpkins. “Pick up three pumpkins of the same size,” Villafane advised. “If one feels much heavier than the others, it’s got a thick wall…Go for an oblong shape rather than a perfectly round shape. Villafane finds that a taller, oblong shape is best for carving faces. “The best is oblong and, if you can imagine, compressed,” he said. “Find a pumpkin that’s been lying on its side so it looks compressed, and so it has a ridge running from top to bottom. You sculpt the face along the ridge.”

Along with sharing his genius with the world, Villafane also gives back to his community. The master pumpkin artist teaches kids how to carve pumpkins. He routinely visits schools and teaches young children his carving techniques.

Want to get inspired to create pumpkins like Ray Villafane? Watch this video of him at work.

Happy Halloween!


Debbie Crowe
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Oh my gosh - Ray Villafane is amazing!!

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Love seeing pumpkin carvings! Thanks.

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Crazy cool

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Thank you for sharing.

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My FAVORITE holiday.

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