Your Chance to Meet Oprah!

Breaking through barriers, releasing anger, finding joy, figuring out your life purpose…these themes resonate with so many of us as we seek to fulfill our potential.

In an all-new series, Oprah’s Lifeclass, Oprah will share the many things she has learned through 25 years of The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Check out Oprah’s video message especially for Care2 members, and get a behind-the scenes look at the creation of her new Lifeclass.

Then reserve your spot in Oprah’s Lifeclass and be entered for the chance for you and a friend to win a trip to meet Oprah in person on October 15 in Atlanta at O You! Pretty Owesome!

Each of us has wisdom and experience to share. And in sharing, we help one another. What is one piece of advice you would share? And if you could ask Oprah one thing, what would it be?

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Vicky Chrisikou
Vicky Chrisikou5 years ago

Hi Brian,

This is Vicky from Greece, wishing to reply to the comment you posted regarding to Oprah. My dear the abundance is spiritual attribute and who is the one to put limits to what God has in store for us? When we open up to new possibilities and offer our personal consent, while supporting our consent with attitude and action, we are unstoppable. This is our divine endowment. Who wants to put a limit to wisdom, health, wellbeing, love, care, contribution, nobility, beauty etc?

Oprah opened up. This is what followed. Have a look to what Oprah DOES with the abundance that showered; SHE SHARES, SHE INVITES, SHE CONTRIBUTES, SHE INSPIRES, SHE CALL OTHERS TO FOLLOW HER PARADIGM. I am inspired and open myself up to new possibilities, I think outside the box and take action towards that. Therefore I would like to meet Oprah and get more encouraging and inspiration to the direction she points. But I will also tell you something. There is something that desires to put a limit to her abundance: the little stereotypical voice inside us which is used to keep things as they are, which discourages us to take action to our OWN abundance... you take my drift. So I wish you Brian to be the recipient of divine blessings which is your true inheritance and then share with the world what you are pleased to.

Love and regards

Brian M.
Past Member 5 years ago

Oprah is far wealthier than any human being should be allowed to be. I, for one, have no interest in becoming another promotional tool for her to exploit.

Carol Laronga
Carol Laronga6 years ago

Oprah is a great inspiration to everyone! I loved her show and the finale was fantastic! This is a great idea!

Edna J.
Edna J.6 years ago

This is very exciting! Thank you!

Nina Anghel
Nina Anghel6 years ago


Stella Elise
Stella Elise6 years ago


Monika K.
Monika K6 years ago

Only for America. :(

Rita B.
Rita B6 years ago

i would love to meet oprah, but i guess i wouldn't be able to say anything! i would be blocked by my own mind hehehe :)

Terry King
Terry King6 years ago

Speaking only for myself, I am sick to death of hearing about Oprah!

Tusa Alexis Angel

hello Robyn, when are you going to remove the pop up of Oprah from my screen, scuse the language everyone, but its giving me the shit's, I am never going to sign up, so stop asking me every time I go to Iogon, I have to enter via the butterfly credits to get to my emails. Oh and while ya at it hows bout sending someone to fix my mailbox, its broken, can recieve but send. Have a great day Seeya:)