DIY Halloween Costumes! (Slideshow)

We asked for DIY disguises and loved looking at your submissions!† You sent us people dressed as animals and animals dressed as people, and we found all the DIY costumes amusing. Click through the slideshow to check them out and then tell us which one is your favorite.

Thanks to everyone who participated! If you haven’t submitted a photo yet and would like to, you still have time! Send your homemade costume to and have it featured in the next slideshow.

A hoot of a homemade costume displayed by Liam, 2 months.

Submitted by Megan B.

Sylvester, age 9, plays a sly cowboy.

Submitted by E.C.

Little pumpkin pup!

Submitted by Donna N. ‘Little miss’ ballerina does her best pliť for the camera.

Submitted by Jaimie Phillips

Fairy Dust spreads her wings.

Submitted by Darla W.

Australian Cattle dog Jasmine in several disguises.

Submitted by Rebecca

An award-winning DIY Energizer Bunny costume.

Submitted by Colleen D.

A real-life Q-tip!

Submitted by Judy L. Lady Gaga on a budget — DIY costume made from thrift store finds and an old ornament for a disco ball!

Submitted by Elta M.

2010 Submissions

Cole for president! Vote for him and he promises “Mandatory naps for all! Fair Play! and no more shots!”

Submitted by Anne

Unlucky Charms: The Cereal Killer. A good source of torture. New with poisonous marshmallows!

Submitted by Lindsey L.

The sweetest little snow cone ever!

Submitted by Meghan F.

Octomom: Complete with 8 yard-sale-purchased Cabbage Patch dolls and wax lips!

Submitted by: Elaine Y

Laurel’s homemade costume, “The Little Prince,” for her dog Stretch — the “light of her life” and the prince in her household.

Submitted by Laurel S.

Celtic witch creating spells alongside her black cat!

Submitted by Pama L.

Spider Witch!

Submitted by: raczko

Danna and Shiloh in matching homemade costumes.

Submitted by Danna W.

Brak from Space Ghost.

Submitted by Care2 team member Keith T. (Thanks Keith!)

War and Peace

Submitted by: Lindsey P.

Jesus and Raggedy Ann

Submitted by: Allison J

Mattea dressed up as Robert Munsch’s Paper Bag Princess

Submitted by: Jessica D

Kali, the Hindu goddess with eternal energy!

Submitted by: Jessica L.

The Ya-ya sisters!

Submitted by: Alice K.

Thanks again to everyone who submitted photos!

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baby as owl so cute!

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Good imaginations

Whitney R.
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good imaginations!

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