Your Green Kitchen Cleaning Kit

People who enter a naturally cleaned home tend to love the way they feel. I hear this over and over again. I think it is because natural cleaning ingredients infuse the space with their subtle scents and natural, non-toxic presence. On some level, our bodies must brace themselves for a chemical onslaught when faced with mainstream cleaners. What better time of year to make your kitchen feel great and welcoming than when preparing for all the festive holiday cooking? Here are my best eight kitchen cleaning formulas:

Most people canít believe how incredibly well this Oven Cleaner works until they try it.

Although I never recommend that people use their cutting boards to cut meat, bacteria does grow on them nonetheless and keeping them clean using this DIY Cutting Board Cleaner makes sense for any healthy kitchen.

I spent time at the house of a friend who has stainless steel appliances, figuring out how to best formulate this Stainless Steel Appliance Cleaner. Her kitchen appliances are sparkling clean as a result!

Here is my all-time favorite formula, great for cleaning porcelain or stainless sinks,
countertops, and more, my Homemade Soft Scrubber.

Read the interesting story behind this DIY Window Cleaner.

Set a table with sparkling silver using this Silver Cleaner.

Polishing up brass using kitchen cupboard ingredients is as easy as cutting a lemon or squirting out some ketchup. Try these Brass and Pewter Natural Shine Cleaners.

How about drinking in some of the fragrant source of the holiday scented air freshener? Try Holiday Mulled Cider Air Freshener.

By Annie B. Bond


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