Your Pet’s Last Breath in the Luxury of Your Home

When I had my 13-year-old Golden Retriever euthanized in 2003, I was blessed to be surrounded by loving friends in my backyard. As difficult as it was, I was very comforted having my veterinarian come to the house while we all gathered around Byron in the backyard as he transitioned. It not only made the day easier for me, but it also made it so much easier for him, not having to travel to the veterinarian clinic. Now many other pet lovers will have that same convenience.

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) ecstatically announced recently that President Obama signed the much anticipated Veterinary Medicine Mobility Act (H.R. 1528).As stated on

“Veterinarians need not worry that they’re breaking the law when they do something like taking pills to a remote farm for horses and cows, making house calls for euthanasia, and traveling with sedatives and pain medications in a mobile spay/neuter clinic. As long as a vet is licensed to practice in the state where he or she is traveling with these controlled substances, and is not taking them to a principal place of business or professional practice – say, another vet clinic – the vet won’t need to worry about being apprehended by the DEA.”

This is particularly reassuring if you have a pet who has had any fearful experiences at a vet clinic. It will also be helpful for horses and other large animals, as well as cats that can be challenging to get in the car for transport.

Since my beloved Sanchez is now 11-years-old, I’m well aware that every day is a blessing and saying good-bye will be sometime in the next few years. I’d again choose to have euthanasia in the comfort of our home. Sadly, it’s something every pet parent should prepare for ahead of time. What about you? Although hard to think about, when the time comes, would you rather say good-bye to your pet at home or in a vet clinic? Thanks for sharing your thoughts in a comment below.

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Christine J.
Christine J1 years ago

This is something everyone needs to think about ahead of time, because you'll be too upset to think clearly when it happens. It's good to have the option, as many pets are very stressed going to the vets.

Maggie W.
Maggie D2 years ago

Perhaps these things vary from state to state but Colorado has had mobile vet services for quite awhile as well as palliative care and in-home euthanasia. This is what we'll do for Max if his cancer doesn't stay in remission. I would have used the word comfort rather than luxury.

Erika Acosta
Erika Acosta2 years ago


Fi T.
Past Member 2 years ago

Do as much as we can for our furry angels

Barbara M2 years ago

I've found that home euthanasia is a blessing not just for the dying animal, but also for the other animals in your household. It lets them be part of the process, and it's much easier on them afterward.

Alexander Hay-Whitton

I live in Thailand. It's damned difficult to get a vet to administer euthanasia. Buddhist ethics of the "Thou shalt not kill" variety overwhelm the "Relieve suffering" ideal.

pat a.
IuiPat a3 years ago

It is very difficult in my area to get a vet to come to your home. I'm 35 miles from the nearest clinic.

Marion Friedl
Marion Friedl3 years ago

Here in Germany only few vets visit you at home when it´s time for your pet to be sent to rainbow bridge because he/she´s deadly sick or so, but there´s a mobile pet rescue, they often work with such vets, about 10 miles from my hometown. But I don´t want to think about one of my 3 cats being in such a situation, we just enjoy every moment we´ve got together! Sisi´s 12, Gizzy´s 10 and Thori 7, by the way...

Elena T.
Elena Poensgen3 years ago

Thank you :)

Michele B.
Michele B3 years ago

this is something I will consider when the time comes...than you for this information. I never knew we had this option. It is a nice choice to have for all concerned. It is esp. nice for older people who have a pet that would need this type of service.