Your Soul is Everywhere

Your soul and your ego are as invisibly mixed as white wine and water. That’s why people are so confused. They wander through life searching for the soul when it’s right there all the time. They talk about losing their soul when that’s totally impossible. They believe their soul will go to Heaven after they die, but the soul is everywhere already.

Your ego tries to build you up. It makes you feel special and protected. But what’s really happening? You wind up being incredibly insecure. Perfect strangers laugh at you, and suddenly the whole facade collapses. There was never any protection. You were never safe. You tell jokes. Jokes catch people off guard and make them laugh. That’s not real happiness, but at least it provides a clue.

Real happiness is being at one with your soul. A soul is everything that the ego is not. When I play a role, I know that the real me isn’t performing. It’s watching, a bit involved but essentially keeping to itself.

You are standing at the doorway. Behind you is the world you know, a world that hides from fear and obeys the desires of the ego. In front of you is the unknown. The question is, will you step through the door?


Adapted from Why Is God Laughing? The Path to Joy and Spiritual Optimism, by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2008).


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Interesting read. Thanks.

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Our soul is in every action we execute, and it is the mirror of who we are.
If we do good to others for instance, especially to the vulnerable and defenseless, that basically says something good about ourselves.
If you do the opposite and harm, needless to say you or who ever do harm is a waste of undeserving life.

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