Your Soul Loves Your Life

The values that drive the material world must be reversed entirely if you want to realize God. In the conventional view, self-worth comes down to having a strong ego. People who possess strong egos feel self-confident. They enjoy asserting themselves against obstacles. They meet challenges, and in return life gives them money, status, and possessions-óexternal rewards for external accomplishment.

In that light, itís almost embarrassing that Jesus teaches exactly the opposite–to be loved by God, one must be innocent, humble, a servant to all men. But Jesusí view accords with the great wisdom traditions, which hold that a personís worth doesnít change depending on external success and its rewards. A personís worth is the value of a soul, which is infinite. Since every event in your life isnít happening just to a person but to a soul, everything in life should be cherished.

We all know that life has its ups and downs, and that our sense of self-worth rises and falls accordingly. Napoleon was a titan when he won victories on the battlefield but a dwarf after Waterloo. In a world of change, we ego-driven people seem to be puppets to every whim of circumstance. Yet from the soulís point of view, change occurs against the backdrop of non-change; the basis of existence is eternal, unmoved, steady, and all encompassing.

How can you shift your attention away from change? I am largely unconvinced by people who say that they feel the real, immediate presence of God, Jesus, or their souls. Those are extremely advanced attainments on the spiritual path, certainly not among the first doors that open on the journey. But I do know that I can experience myself, so now my job is to find the part of myself that doesnít change. Clearly my mind changes all the time, as quickly as the next thought, and so does my body, as quickly as the next skin cell sloughing off or the next heartbeat. So the search for non-change must take me elsewhere.

This is where meditation proves most useful. When you meditate, you shift your focus. Instead of paying attention to the surface of the mind, which teems with constant change, you go deeper to experience silence. In and of itself, silence is pointless. Life is about action and response, not silent detachment. But inner silence is something far more profound: It is awareness being aware of itself, also known as wakefulness, or mindfulness.

In its silent depths, your mind knows everything thatís going on. Time collapses into a single focal point, where the one unshakable thing you know is ďI am.Ē This isnít passive knowledge. It is the center of everything, the source of all the activity that springs forth as thoughts, sensations, and external events. Silence, it turns out, is the womb of creation. Therefore, meditation is a creative event through which you are reclaiming authorship of your life.

Now we see what meditating 24 hours a day actually means: You retain your alertness and wakefulness all the time. Once you have authorship of your self, you come out of silence into activity to write your own story. Now there is no difference between sitting in meditation and living in the world. Both are expressions of awareness, the one silent, and the other active. Now you maintain two types of attention, one devoted to change, the other to non-change. This is the shift in consciousness that allows you to live from the level of the soul.

Adapted from Why is God Laughing? by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2008).


Sofhiii Valle
Sofhiii Valle5 years ago

Thanks :)

Chi Hoo
C H5 years ago

Dot, in some respects, you are right:
many try to delude people, using Jesus' name.
The Bible warns us strongly against Deceivers, though that word was largely mistranslated over time. I have met & recognized some. The lengths they go to, keeping up appearances, is epic.
Take the case of Benjamin Creme:
He states he's never been in USA during the 1970's.
I met him in a bookstore in Carmel, CA in the mid-'70s.
He was rather rude as he was throwing a bit of tantrum, as the store clerk refused to allow his gatherings to tell people about "The Maitreya" he represented.
In a fit of pique, he refused to speak to me when addressed, and stormed out the door.
Fast forward about 20 yrs:
Got brochure from coworker in Bay Area, CA: an auditorium event starring same guy, with films of Maitreya.
I let the gal know it was fraud.
Brochure stated "no children"; also: "people should remain with their standard religions".
He was warning people away with those 2 statements, IF readers were alert.
[[Jesus taught Neither of those statements]].
MANY have worked to deceive people for a very long time.
Many more now, than ever.
But Deepak? He's a Teacher.
He does not tolerate flim-flammery even by sponsors [he gently debunked the Maharishi].
NO claims to be anyone's savior, not deceiving; he teaches some of the most ancient truths known, also taught by Jesus, based on piles of records to that effect, but which most modern relig

Dot A.
Dot A5 years ago

- largely un-convinced -
for many these words are 'used' in a kind of manipulation of the mind, and we are wise to question the authenticity, however, Deepak did not say he was 'totally un-convinced'
we were given warning by Jesus himself, that His name would be used for the 'wrong' purposes, and as well we can include all other references to Holiness
as my Midwest upbringing may say: God only knows.

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Christine W5 years ago

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Cheryl I.
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Marianne B.
Marianne B5 years ago

Thanks. I really liked John L.'s comment....

Katie K.
Katie K5 years ago

Money has never been my God. The people I know who feel the opposite never seem to be at ease or at peace. Our society is messed up about what's important.

John L.
John Landau5 years ago

I agree with Ron G. "I am largely un-convinced by people who say.........". I feel sad that this author can't make the connection to the Divine. I am not special, but I can call to mind many instances where I have felt God's presence. With deep prayer, Our Lord does reveal Himself to us. If we are amongst the "noise" and chaos of life and don't make the time for God, we will not be conscious of His presence. This author just lost a lot of credibility on my part. Maybe he's too busy looking at life through the metaphysical and not looking enough for the essense of God in others. Authors states we reclaim "authorship" over our lives through silence. I would add that silence is not the goal unless that silence allows us to experience the Divine within. It is in the realization of our Divinity that we experience "soul" or in the awesome consequences of feeling the presence of God.....which is awesomely beautiful. Peace.