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Manage your Subscriptions

We are thrilled to announce the release of our new subscription center! From this page you are able to view & edit your Newsletter and Action Alert subscriptions all on one page.

You may also change the email address where you'd like to receive our mailings from the subscription center.

Manage your Notifications

If you are receiving green star, butterfly, group posts and other notifications that you wish to no longer receive, please visit your notifications page to manage your settings.

There are many notification controls on this page so here's where to find what:
  • IM Availability Settings :: At the top
  • Personal Messages, Green Stars, Butterflies :: Near the top, below IM
  • Birthdays, Holidays, Event Reminders :: Halfway down
  • News Network Summary Emails :: Halfway down
  • Group Message Settings :: At the bottom

Manage your Race Reminders

You have the option to set-up email reminders to visit the Care2 click-to-donate races. To manage your reminders you'll need to visit each race reminder page individually. For easy access to all the race reminder pages, please visit our race help page.

Group Tracking

Group tracking is a little different than group messaging. You may wish to track a particular discussion thread within a group. You may sign-up for the tracking from within the thread and you may also cancel from within the thread. If you've unjoined the group you may need to be manually unsubscribed from a group list. In this case, please send us the email address where you are receiving the mail and the header of email (make sure include the sending email address).

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