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US Politics & Gov't

Repeal the Trump-Republican Tax Scam for the Rich and Corporations

- 6 minutes ago -
In order to block deep cuts to the critical services that protect working families and older Americans, we must repeal the Trump-Republican tax cuts for the wealthy and big corporations.
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Tell Facebook to Shut Down Wildlife Traffickers on Its Platforms | African Wildlife Foundation

- 5 hours ago -
FB is not only running ads but also allowing groups dedicated to trading ivory and rhino horn, and Facebook Messenger is used to negotiate prices .Facilitating black market sales puts more elephants and rhinos directly in the crosshairs of poachers.
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Green Lifestyle

Very Berry Salsa.....April 2018 Recipes For Vegans And Everyone

- 3 hours ago -
Rinse the berries and than let dry on paper towels. Discard any berries that are not edible. Slice strawberries in quarters. The recipes suggest some non Vegan uses...and this recipes is for vegans & everyone. I will put it over lime gelato.
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Facebook Users' Data Exposed to Web Trackers When Using Its Login Feature for Other Sites: Report

- 51 minutes ago -
Web trackers are exploiting websites' access to Facebook user data, according to a security research report by Steven Englehardt and two other researchers at Freedom to Tinker, a blog hosted by Princeton University's Center for Information Technology
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