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US Politics & Gov't

PETITION! Serving a Life Sentence for Killing Her Rapist in Self Defense!!

- 1 day ago -
Tennessee law has been changed, now no one 18 or under can be charged with prostitution & minors are no longer eligible for life in prison. Even though these changes were spurred on by Cyntoia Brown's story, she cannot benefit from them!
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Email CNN and Demand They Reinstate Marc Lamont Hill

- 3 days ago -
CNN announced that it had severed ties with Temple University Professor and CNN contributor Marc Lamont Hill over a speech he gave in support of Palestinian human rights at the United Nations a day earlier.
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Health & Wellness

Notre Dame Pushed An Epileptic Student Out to Avoid His Minor Accommodation Request ! ! !

- 1 day ago -
One thing his neurologist says is absolutely key in minimizing his risk of seizure is uninterrupted sleep every single night. That's why James asked to be in a single dorm room where a roommate couldn't jeopardize his sleep and that's the accommodation
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Society & Culture

This 9-Year-Old Killed Herself Because of Racist Bullying at Her School ! ! !

- 3 hours ago -
McKenzie Adams should be getting ready to spend winter break with her family. She should be looking forward to some time off of school and perhaps finalizing her letter to Santa. Instead, her family is getting ready to bury her.
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