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It's Time to Drop Indofood ! PLEASE SIGN ! !

- 13 hours ago -
Send your message now: tell the RSPO, PepsiCo, Nestlé, Yum! Brands, Wilmar, Rabobank, Standard Chartered, Mizuho, Mitsubishi UFJ, and Sumitomo Mitsui Financial that it is time to stop certifying, funding, financing, partnering,
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US Politics & Gov't

Don't Let Brian Kemp Stop 53,000 Georgians From Voting

- 17 hours ago -
Voter suppression architect and gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp is keeping 53,000 Georgia voters' registrations "on hold." Nearly 70% of these voters are African American. Once again, Kemp shows his willingness to cheat to win.
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Help Ensure That the United States Will Never Start a Nuclear War

- 2 days ago -
Almost three decades after the Cold War, the US still asserts it has the right to use nuclear weapons first in a conflict. This should disturb all Americans - that as a nation we would unleash the world's most horrific weapons.
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Fire Wildlife Official Who Brutally Killed An Entire Baboon Family ! ! !

- 21 minutes ago -
ItâEUR(TM)s a photograph that makes your stomach turn: Idaho wildlife officer Blake Fischer beams as he displays the lifeless bodies of an entire family of baboons, joyful at the massacre of the animals he has just brutally slain with a bow and arrow.
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Health & Wellness

Family or Food? No One Should Have To Choose

- 2 days ago -
The Department of Homeland Security's proposed "public charge" rule would fuel rates of hunger and food insecurity among immigrant families, including families with U.S. citizen children.
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Society & Culture

Take the Pledge ! ! ! Together, We Are Unstoppable ! ! !

- 5 days ago -
Here's what we believe: Health care is a human right. Sexual assault, harassment, and violence are unacceptable. We demand economic equality. Our bodies are our own - we decide whether and when to have children. Race, gender identity, sexuality,
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Science & Tech

A Well-Preserved Lararium Shrine Discovered At Pompeii

- 2 days ago -
Il Globo reports that archaeologists have made a surprising discovery in the ruins of Pompeii, the ancient Roman city, which was destroyed following the explosion of Mt Vesuvius in AD 79......
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