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Green Lifestyle

Sheet Pan Black Bean Cauliflower Fajitas.....October 2018 Recipes For Vegans And Everyone

- 7 hours ago -
Course: Main Cuisine: Mexican, Vegan Keyword: fajita tacos, sheet pan veggie dinner, vegan fajitas Servings: 4 Calories: 179 kcal Author: Vegan Richa Prep and cook = 50 minutes 179 Calories per serving. Please note, comment, and forward.
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Health & Wellness

Family or Food? No One Should Have To Choose

- 3 days ago -
The Department of Homeland Security's proposed "public charge" rule would fuel rates of hunger and food insecurity among immigrant families, including families with U.S. citizen children.
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Society & Culture

Take the Pledge ! ! ! Together, We Are Unstoppable ! ! !

- 7 days ago -
Here's what we believe: Health care is a human right. Sexual assault, harassment, and violence are unacceptable. We demand economic equality. Our bodies are our own - we decide whether and when to have children. Race, gender identity, sexuality,
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Twitter: Stop Aiding Anti-Choice Lies

- 19 hours ago -
Rep. Marsha Blackburn was originally denied advertisement on Twitter for falsely claiming that Planned Parenthood sold "baby body parts." Yet Twitter reinstated Blackburn's ad the same day.
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