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Prohibit Palm Oil

- 6 days ago -
Each year, 150,000 km2 of forest disappear (15,000,000 hectares), the equivalent of Belgium. Or also 2,000 trees per minute. In Australia, hundreds of thousands of eucalyptus forests are cut down to plant trees for pulp.
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US Politics & Gov't

PETITION! Revoke Trump's National Emergency Declaration!!!

- 19 hours ago -
This unconstitutional power grab gives trump vast new powers to undermine our democracy & supercharge his white supremacy. He'll be more able than ever to escalate attacks on immigrants, communities of color, Muslims & Black & Brown people!
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Stop Trump's Bogus "National Emergency"

- 15 hours ago -
In order to placate his far-right base and sycophants at Fox News, he has signaled that he will declare a national emergency to bypass Congress and siphon funds from other government programs to build his wall on the southern border.
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Green Lifestyle

How to Make Your Home More Friendly to the Environment

- 8 hours ago -
Recent innovations make it easier to live a green lifestyle without sacrificing style. Check out some of the new, beautiful and trendy ways you can create an environmentally friendly home.
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Health & Wellness

Enough Is Enough - We Need Common-Sense Gun Control

- 2 hours ago -
I carried an assault rifle almost every day I served in Iraq, and often had to use it. But you don't have to be a Marine to know what I know: weapons of war don't belong on America's streets.
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Midwest Farmers Going Broke at Record Rates Thanks to Trumps Trade War

- 1 day ago -
Trump undeterred has repeatedly bragged that billions of dollars are pouring into the coffers of the USA due 2 tariffs being charged to China. Those tariffs are not being charged to China. They are being charged to American importers passing 2 consumers.
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