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News Help & FAQ

What is the Care2 News Network?

The Care2 News Network is a revolutionary news service that puts the editorial control in your hands. You determine what makes it onto our Front Page. Traditional news services have top down editorial control. We've turned that on its head with our grass roots approach. There are two ways to contribute: (1) Submit links to news stories that have moved you. (2) Read and rate the news that other progressive news-junkies like yourself have submitted. Note-It to promote it!

How do I submit Stories?

First register for a free Care2 membership. After which, simply click the "Submit Story" button on the top right of every page. This will take you through the process of submitting a story.

What kind of stories should I submit?

This service thrives on the latest news on the environment, human rights and other progressive stories. If it's on a webpage, if it's linkable, it's submittable.

How do I report a bad or inappropriate story?

The content on the Care2 News Network is managed by the Care2 Community. If you see a story that's, not appropriate (old news, spam, pornography), or a broken link, plese report it with the "problem?" link, next to every story. Once the story gets enough reports, it will automatically be dealt with by our system.

How do stories get promoted to the homepage?

Once a story is submitted, it will appear in the "Newly Submitted" section of the site. This is a temporary holding place for new stories. "Newly Submitted" is the place to visit to help discover the next stories that should be promoted to the Front Page. If you think a story is noteworthy, click "Note-It" to promote it. Once a story has been Noted enough times, it will be promoted to the Front Page. If it does not get enough Note-Its, it will eventually fall out of "Newly Submitted".

What are tags for?

Tags organize news stories by topic, like subcategories. A news story can have several tags that describe what it's about. On the front page, tags are shown in a "cloud" with more popular topics in a larger font. When submitting, choose a handful of the most popular tags to describe to topic of your article. You'll benefit from categorizing your stories with tags that other submitters have used when multiple synonyms exist, so make use of the suggested tags when applicable.

How do I submit videos to the Care2 News Network?

You can submit videos from the sites listed on the submit page. Simply enter the URL of the video you wish to add in the URL field of the Submit page. You can see the video you add in the preview page before submitted. Make sure you hit the 'Play' button to test your video before submitting it. If the video does not play, it will likely not play once you submit the item either.

Why isn't the video playing?

Online video sites are very popular, and sometimes they may be overloaded with requests for a given video. When this happens, the preview or view story page may stall while loading the video player. This can often be resolved by hitting the 'Edit' button and retrying the preview, or reloading the story view if you are viewing a story.

How are "Top Analysts" Ranked? (What is the Analyst "Ratio"?)

In the "Newly Submitted" section we give props to the members who make the wisest Note-Its. They are the ones who are the most effective at Noting stories that are promoted to the Front Page, but before they are promoted.

How can I recall stories I've submitted or Noted?

Every time you submit or Note a story it is bookmarked in your "My News" page. To visit this page click the "My News" link in the top right of any page.

How can I add friends?

Click "My Friends' News" on the top right of the page. On this page you will see the "Invite Friends" button. Care2 News Network is built upon the Care2 Social Network. Friends in Care2 are also your Care2 News Network friends.

butterfly credits on the news network

  • credits for vetting a newly submitted story
  • credits for vetting any other story
  • credits for leaving a comment
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Who exactly are the brains that make this work?

You - in the My News section you'll see all the news you've submitted and noted.

Your Friends - in the My Friends' News section you'll see all the news they've submitted and noted.

The rest of the Care2 Community - when you click on a person's photo, you'll see all the stories they've submitted and noted, as well as links deeper into the Care2 social network.

What is a "News Maven?"
News Mavens are the smart people that make this grand experiment in democracy work. Through their collective actions, we get a form of "collective wisdom" so the most interesting news gets promoted to the Front Page. The word "maven" comes from the Yiddish, and it means "one who accumulates knowledge." Anyone and everyone who loves progressive news is invited to be a Care2 News Maven - the Care2 News Network depends on your participation!

There are two types of news mavens:
• News Finders
• News Analysts

News Finders
These members scour the web, looking for the freshest, most interesting news to bring to the Care2 community. Some of the most prolific News Finders are listed in the box at the right. If you love to seek out and share news, you're a News Maven!

News Analysts
These members read newly submitted news stories, ferreting out the most noteworthy (and problem-reporting stories that shouldn't reach the Front Page). Analysts with the best track record for choosing the Front Page stories are listed in the box at the right.

Content and comments expressed here are the opinions of Care2 users and not necessarily that of or its affiliates.

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